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Minor League Free Agents Leaderboards

Posted by Sean Forman on December 6, 2010

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5 Responses to “Minor League Free Agents Leaderboards”

  1. [...] Minor League Free Agents Leaderboards   Tags: batting-minor, league-free, minor leagues Posted in: [...]

  2. [...] Minor League Free Agents Leaderboards (Baseball-Reference). Study these lists. Tim Torres might make for an intriguing middle infield option, while Chuck James wasn’t a bad pitcher once upon a time. I’m sure you can find others. [...]

  3. The Rays have already signed Russ Canzler, #2 on the list. He seems to be a long-shot to make the 25-man roster, but the Rays need a 1B and a right-handed bat. He could platoon at 1B with Dan Johnson or get some ABs at DH.

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