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100+ RBI in 3 straight years for OF

Posted by Andy on December 12, 2008

In this piece about Raul Ibanez signing with the Phillies, Jayson Stark points out that only 5 outfielders have had 100 RBI in each of the last 3 seasons.

                   From  To   Ages Seasons Link to Individual Seasons
 Magglio Ordonez   2006 2008 32-34       3 Ind. Seasons
 Carlos Lee        2006 2008 30-32       3 Ind. Seasons
 Raul Ibanez       2006 2008 34-36       3 Ind. Seasons
 Carlos Beltran    2006 2008 29-31       3 Ind. Seasons
 Bobby Abreu       2006 2008 32-34       3 Ind. Seasons

When I saw that, I was surprised that only 5 OFs had done it. I was sure that in the mid 1990s, the total was higher. But I was basically wrong. Most 3-year periods from 1993 onward, there were 3 to 5 guys (occasionally 6) who had done it for the 3 years previously. Before that, only 1 to 3 outfielders had usually done it in any given 3-year period.

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4 Responses to “100+ RBI in 3 straight years for OF”

  1. I was surprised to see that number too. I was even more surprised to see that in 2008 alone there were only 9 outfielders with 100+ RBI. Considering that, 5 in the last 3 years isn't bad.

  2. Not surprisingly, five 1B have done it the last three years, three 3B and one 2B (No SS OR C).

  3. BoondockSaint Says:

    I love reading the Stat of the Day, I am always finding out fascinating things about stats that I usually never knew before, but I have pretty much no clue how to work the PI. This article got me thinking, what is the longest streak of seasons with 100+ RBI in a row? I don't know how I would look that up in the PI, so if anyone could let me know how I would do that, or just what the record is, that would be great.

  4. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    I actually don't believe you can search directly for a streak like that. But the PI has so many facets, I think it's a good reminder that it can be helpful if the posters explain how they do their searches. (And if it is possible to search for a streak, explain it to me!)

    However, you can search for the most 100-rbi seasons in a career. Ruth, Gehrig, and Foxx all had 13, and as it happens, Gehrig and Foxx put up theirs in 13 consecutive seasons. You do that search on the Batting Season Finder. Where it says Choose a Stat, select RBI >= 100, and Get top 200 seasons or careers sorted by Players W/ Years.