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2010-2011 Payrolls, Signings and Remaining Free Agent Statistics

Posted by Sean Forman on November 12, 2010

2010-2011 Signings and Remaining Free Agent Statistics is gearing up for the Hot Stove. We've added a page of free agent signings and remaining free agents all on one page. You can run statistical searches on current free agents in our Play Index Season Finder.

On the Front Page, we've added a summary of team payroll's so far along with links to the individual team payrolls for 2011 and beyond.

The front page contains:

  • Current number of players under contract, which does not include players under team control, but not yet signed to a 2011 contract.
  • Dollar value of 2011 payroll commitments.
  • Estimated payroll based on average arb awards, pre-arb contracts, and additional players at the league minimum.
  • Mousing over a team will show their total salaries over the last three years.

For the latest free agent news, we highly recommened MLB Trade Rumors. Tim and his crew have cover every aspect of player transactions. You can also find a feed of their stories on player pages and on the front page of this site.

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11 Responses to “2010-2011 Payrolls, Signings and Remaining Free Agent Statistics”

  1. I don't believe Miguel Olivo has signed yet.

  2. Thanks, the trade and FA in one day threw us off. We'll fix that.

  3. I love the disclaimer on the home page for GM's.

  4. Amazing that San Diego has just one player on a continuing multi-year contract for next year. Cot's indicates that Adrian Gonzalez had some escalators for the option year based upon All Star selections and that the option was exercised at 6.2, not 5.5.

    On the free agent page referenced in the original post, I felt like some 2010 data might be useful, in addition to career data, especially for some of the older role players that teams will be filling out their rosters with. If it were possible to add maybe 2010 WAR to the page I think that would be interesting and helpful.

    In any event, thanks for adding another great feature to the website.

  5. @2. no problem...

    you guys do a great job... and this is yet another fantastic update.

  6. Nice to see Vizquel is gonna hang on. I wonder how long he can pull it off? If he reached 3000 hits, he'd probably be the most unlikely player to ever get there. If he keeps getting pencilled in the lineup for 2 more years, it might happen....

  7. @2 Sean Forman:

    I have discovered a possible "BUG" on BB-Ref.:

    Thought this might be the best place to point it out:

    Select Any player Page: Example Manny Ramirez:

    Then scroll down to his "Post Season Batting" Section and click on the "Link"

    You get an empty Box with an "X' and the Link looks like this:

    I sent it to myself in an e-mail, clicking on it gets only his Mail Page:
    I used to get a direct Link to his Post Season Batting:

  8. Octavio Dotel appears twice. Also, Jermaine Dye is hoping to play in 2011 & he's not here.

  9. Payroll & FA info is phenomenal. This site continues to outdo itself.

  10. Will you have the corresponding list with only minor league free agents (who I see are mixed in here, provided that they've played in the bigs at some point) and their milb stats this year?

  11. So sad that the Mariners payroll is so high yet they produce very little results. Team like Texas and Tampa Bay have low payrolls and keep winning. Is this the result of bad coaching or a bad front office?