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A Real American Turkey

Posted by Steve Lombardi on November 26, 2008

Via's Play Index Batting Season Finder:

Single Seasons, Born in USA, From 1901 to 2008, (requiring OPSp<=10 and Qualified for league batting title), sorted by greatest Seasons matching criteria

So, when you're enjoying your turkey tomorrow - and hopefully you are! - think of America's biggest batting turkey of a season:  Bill Bergen's 1909

Gobble, gobble!

3 Responses to “A Real American Turkey”

  1. gerry Says:

    Yes, Bergen was an atrocious hitter, but he was a catcher. Was he any worse a hitter for his position than, say, 1st baseman Ivy Griffin in 1920? or left fielder Brian Hunter in 1999?

  2. JohnnyTwisto Says:


  3. Stat of the Day » Tony Pena Jr. - You Ain’t No Bill Bergen Says:

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