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Baseball Draft: Last Picks Overall in the June Draft –

Posted by Sean Forman on November 20, 2008

Baseball Draft: Last Picks Overall in the June Draft -

With the hiring of Don Wakamatsu, the Mariners have tapped a Mr. Irrelevant from the June Draft (the last pick overall).  He is actually the second such player to become a major league manager.  Matt Galante was the first when he replaced Larry Dierker for 27 games in 1999 after Dierker suffered a seizure during a game).  Desi Wilson is the only Mr. Irrelevant to make the majors.

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2 Responses to “Baseball Draft: Last Picks Overall in the June Draft –”

  1. I thought Don Wakamatsu made the majors in 1991 with the White Sox?

  2. He did -- but he was also drafted in the 11th round in 1985, which makes him far from the final pick of the draft.

    Wait a sec... I see he was ALSO drafted with the final pick of the 1984 draft.

    I know nothing, but it looks like he was drafted twice, and most likely unsigned after the first one.