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Bloops: Nuns find Honus Wagner card at their doorstep

Posted by Neil Paine on October 27, 2010

Remember the famed "T206" Honus Wagner card that Wayne Gretzky once bought for a record price?

Well, one of those now belongs to a lucky order of nuns:

"The School Sisters of Notre Dame received a generous gift and a quick baseball education when one of the rarest items in sports collectibles was dropped on their doorstep.

A T206, better known a Honus Wagner baseball card, was included in an estate that was donated.

Although the card is not in good condition it is expected to fetch six figures at auction. A mint card sold for $2.6 million in 2007."

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7 Responses to “Bloops: Nuns find Honus Wagner card at their doorstep”

  1. Wow, I always like wondering about the odds of another T206 showing up. They were small to begin with and just got a lot smaller.

  2. The story's on the Yahoo home page right now. The donor's sister was in this order so he left his estate to them. He's had the card in a safe deposit box with a note saying although the condition was crappy "the value of this card will increase exponentially in the 21st century". The donor had the card since 1936. Truth is still stranger than fiction.

  3. Someone is either very generous or very upset right now.

  4. oops, somehow I didn't see #2 before posting my comment.

  5. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    This almost makes me wish that I hadn't used my Elbie Fletcher card in my bike spokes to make it a motorcycle.

  6. Justin Bailey Says:

    @5 - to paraphrase Bill Lee, I used to stick baseball cards into the spokes of my bike to make it sound like a Harley--and I can still remember the sound today, it sounded like "Fiftyfivehundreddollars, fiftyfivehundreddollars, fiftyfivehundreddollars..." :)

  7. [...] Nuns? They’ll probably just put it in the spoke of their bicycle wheels. [...]