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Play Index Updates

Posted by Sean Forman on October 26, 2010

Along with the sitewide updates I just posted on, I also added some upgrades to the Play Index.

After you get the summary table of information from an event finder search, selecting two or more headings of the same type (click on the red text) will now cause the search to perform an or on those two options. So you can now answer questions like show me all the hits by Derek Jeter In Fenway or Rogers or Camden or Tropicana all bunched together.

The summary options now show more complete data like all opponents not just the top 10 or so.

In batter vs. pitcher you can now select ranges of years.

and on the event finder you can now columns for WPA, li and Re24 and summaries for pulled/opposite field, ahead and behind in the count, and leverage level (low, medium, high), so you can ask how many of Ryan Howard's Home Runs were high, low or medium leverage.

I've also updated and attempted to make the looks of each of the tools much more consistent. There was an astounding amount of redundant code in the original Play Index code and the code is now at most half the size of the previous code.

More importantly is that the Play Index code is now integrated with the standards of the rest of the site and I'm free to do new Play Index tool development. Before I knew I was going to have to do a massive rewrite and it kept me from doing anything new. Now I can go ahead and do that new work.

9 Responses to “Play Index Updates”

  1. Dave Says:

    How is the new event finder different than the previous one?
    I thought you could always break down sections (triples at home with 2 out in the 7th inning or later...)

  2. Raphy Says:

    Dave- Now you can search with more than one option within the same category. Triples with 1 or 2 outs.
    Even better -All the Inside the Park HR of 2010 in one search:

  3. Chris J. Says:


    Problem I notice:

    Say I do a search in PI (any search - Let's make one up: say most Ks in a season for a reliever for the Royals). It's done & I notice a tweak - let's only look at guys who threw under 50 IP - I hit the back button and . .. I can't get back to the old search screen. And if/when I can, it's a blank search screen. If I want to do a variation on a theme, I have to redo all the standards I put in the first place. Previously, I'd go back and it was the same search requirements I'd asked for a little earlier.

  4. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Yeah, PI is all kinds of screwed up if you want to do more than 1 search. Going back messes it up.

  5. Sean Forman Says:

    Why not click on show search form and update the search that way?

  6. dave Says:


    Something is wrong on play index when I search by Career, 1871-present, Non-Pitchers, Minimum 1000 PA sorted by PA. Prior to the upgrade, I used to get around 3400 players,now it shows 2680?

  7. Chris J. Says:

    "Why not click on show search form and update the search that way?"

    OK. That works. Must've missed that last night.

    As long as I'm here, another change/glithc I've noticed. It has nothing to do with the PI, but as long as I'm in this thread (and as near as I can tell the glitch came w/ the recent site updates).

    Say I'm in the homer log for Brad Radke (to name a not-so-random example). I click on the "notes" column of his homer log & the 8 leadoff HRs he allowed appear near the top. So far, so good.

    Except now - and unlike in previous times - the leadoff homers appear in completely random order with no rhyme or reason. That didn't used to be the case. It used to sort like an Excel sort: it would move around only what you asked it to, and the rest would be in the old order.

    Which is to say, if you sorted by WPA and then the notes column, the leadoff HRs would appear in order of WPA. If did leadoff sort first, they'd appear in order by date. It was very convenient and could make things a little more interesting when looking at the results. I looked at this a week or so ago and noted that Radke had three straight starts in which he allowed a leadoff HR. (As near as I can tell, that's the only time this has ever happened). Now I go to Radke's HR Log, sort by column, & the 8 leadoffs are up top alright, but beyond then it's totally senseless.

    This is not a big thing obviously, but it was better the old way.

  8. Sean Forman Says:

    The back button issues should now be fixed.

  9. Sean Forman Says:

    Chris, I've reworked the sort to be both faster and also to be stable, so the tables will retain their previously sorted order when sorting on a new column. I just needed to find a refererence and it wasn't hard to do. Thank you for pointing this out.