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Getting Their Face Time In Early

Posted by Steve Lombardi on November 10, 2008
Here's an interesting list via's Play Index Pitching Season Finder: Pitchers, since 1996, ages 27 or younger, who have faced 1,000+ batters in a season...

                   From  To   Ages Seasons
 Livan Hernandez   1998 2001 23-26       3 
 C.C. Sabathia     2008 2008 27-27       1 
 Roy Oswalt        2005 2005 27-27       1 
 Mark Buehrle      2004 2004 25-25       1 
 Roy Halladay      2003 2003 26-26       1 
 Jose Lima         1999 1999 26-26       1 
 Carlos Perez      1998 1998 27-27       1 
 Mike Mussina      1996 1996 27-27       1 
 Pat Hentgen       1996 1996 27-27       1 
 Alex Fernandez    1996 1996 26-26       1 

Seasons/Careers found: 10.


It appears that some young pitchers can shoulder a load and live to tell...

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One Response to “Getting Their Face Time In Early”

  1. Lima and Perez may have lived to tell of it, but they've been on life support 🙂

    OTOH, Halladay, Oswalt, Buehrle and Mussina did fine after their early 1000-batter season.

    I think only Hernandez had another season with as many batters (so far).