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POLLS: Which team do you want/expect to win the World Series?

Posted by Andy on October 15, 2010

Two different polls...who you want to see win and who you expect to see win.

Click through to vote.

40 Responses to “POLLS: Which team do you want/expect to win the World Series?”

  1. Fitter Says:

    Rule of thumb, if Kyle Kendrick pitches for the Phils in ANY capacity this month, Phils are not gonna win it all.

  2. Paul Says:

    I believe that no matter what, the AL will beat the NL this year. The NL has better pitching, but the AL has good enough staffs to keep the not so great NL batters at bay and will create enough offense to beat either of the "three musketeers"

  3. Pat D Says:

    It should be fun either way.

    Though, to be frank, I won't care much about the World Series if the Yankees lose to the Rangers. I also don't think I can stomach the Yankees losing to the Phillies, as I live in Phillie country and there are more than a few Phillies fans I'll have to deal with.

  4. Andy Says:

    Interesting results so far. "Only" 16% of readers want the Yankees to win the WS, which is the lowest percentage of the 4 teams, but is a pretty large percentage since we know only Yankee fans are picking the Yankees in that poll. There are fans of many other teams who might pick the Phillies, Giants, or Rangers.

  5. BSK Says:

    Interesting that so many people want to see the Yankees lose. I want to see them lose, too, but would prefer it to happen in the ALCS, so there is no chance of dealing with insufferable New York fans!

  6. Ted Says:

    The National League will win the World Series.

    Check the books, since 2004 the league's LCS that is commentated by Joe Buck and Tim McCarver has won the World Series.

    They are doing the NLCS this year, that and the combined fact that the NL has home field advantage means either Phils or Giants are champs.

  7. TheGoof Says:

    Fitter, you can't judge a World Series on one person, no matter how convinced you are they just can't cut the mustard. I remember laughing my head off when the Sox signed Francona. I told every Sox fan I knew, and not to be a jerk, but because I honestly believed it, "I guarantee the Sox never win the Series with him." It felt like such a relief that Boston went in that direction. Ooops.

  8. Brett Says:

    @6 - nice catch! @5, People picking the Yankees to lose shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Every scenario (other than NYY beats SF or NYY beats PHI) is a pick for a Yankees loss. It's just a matter of whether people want them to win another ALCS or not. "All playoff teams minus one end up losers."

  9. Bill@TPA Says:

    Anybody else having a problem with the first poll? I picked "Giants beat Rangers" and clicked Vote, and got a "please choose an answer first!" error message, and now it's just going to be "working" for eternity.

  10. Dave Says:

    @9, Bill:

    It's because you picked the wrong answer. The Phillies will be the Yankees. LOL.

  11. Devon & His 1982 Topps blog Says:

    I love the Yankees...I live in NY state. But, I'm actually sick of seeing them win, sick of hearing how great they are, & sick of the overblownness of them. I find myself starting to root against them again (sometimes) a lot of us did in '90 & '91, but for different reasons now. . I'd love to see an NL team go to 3 straight World Series & win 2 of them. That'd be awesome. Plus, you gotta root for Halladay if he gets there. The Phillies are exciting. A rematch of last year would be awesome. Being I lived near Kansas City about a decade ago, I also have another reason I'd love to see Philly win... Mike Sweeney deserves to feel a championship.

  12. Devon & His 1982 Topps blog Says:

    PS. I not only want the Phillies to win, but I expect them to do it. Only Charlie Manuel can hold them back now... like he did last year. Doubt he will this time. If the Phillies don't make it, I think the Giants pitching is great but they can't hit enough to beat the Yankees or Rangers.

  13. Djibouti Says:

    Just saw a similar poll on Sportscenter: "Which WS matchup do you want to see". The results were very surprising in that Phillies-Yankees didn't win with 80% of the vote. Granted Phillies-Yankees did win, but only with 35% of the vote. Adding the numbers up you find that 51% want to see the Rangers, 50% want to see the Yankees (+-2% error), and almost no one wants to see Yankees-Giants

  14. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Since the Yankees are my second favorite team, it would be difficult to call me a "Yankee hater".

    Or, mayne not -- my favorite team is a tie between everyone up to and including the Manson Family and Hezbollah.

  15. Matt Y Says:

    I don't think Manual held the Phillies back last year --they were inferior. However, I think they're the best team this year and should win it. Time will tell.

  16. Chuck Says:

    My two favorite teams, going back to the mid '60's when they both sucked, have always been the Yankees and Phillies.

    Seriously, how many people can say they remember Bobby Cox as a player..LOL?

    Last year was difficult and interesting at the same time.

    It was the first time I watched a WS and wasn't completely disappointed when the Yanks' opponent scored a run or escaped from a first and third, no out jam.

    I expect the same WS matchup this year as last, albeit with a different result, although there is a small part of me rooting for the Rangers.

  17. Jeff Wise Says:

    I want a Giants/Rangers world series. If it's the Yankees and Phillies then I'd root for the Phillies because I like Raul Ibanez and Mike Sweeney.

  18. JDV Says:

    Same error in trying to pick Giants over Rangers. It won't record.

  19. Basmati Says:

    I expect to see Phillies beat the Yankees, but I hope it's Giants v Rangers. As an Angels fan I don't really want the Rangers to win it all so I'll be rooting for the Giants.

  20. Tony Says:

    @ 19 - Easy for you to say. I doubt Giants fans would be so quick to jump on the Angels' bandwagon. History is written by the victors.

  21. four tool Says:

    Poll won't record my Rangers over Phillies either

  22. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    Basmati, your rice is the best.

    I'm rooting for Phillies over Rangers. The Phillies have a very good team, I'm a longtime Roy Halladay fan, I'm tickled for the Rangers finally to get to the LCS, and I love first-time World Series matchups.

    On the other hand, how bummed would Marlon Byrd be at a Phillies-Rangers World Series?

    I grew up a Dodgers fan, I live in San Diego, and I like the Jays. No way do I want Giants-Yankees.

  23. otf Says:

    I have this weird fantasy of a World Series in which Halladay and Lee face off in games 1, 4, and 7. I'll throw a perfect game or two in there for good measure, since it's just a fantasy. Ideally, I'd even have Lee win all three to become approximately the best postseason pitcher in history.

    I won't bother going over the reasons why this won't happen because that would defeat the purpose, but I can think of more than a few. Oh well.

  24. Jacob Says:

    Poll doesn't work for me 🙁

    Giants beat Yankees...Of course...

  25. MikeD Says:

    Andy, it's not surprising the low percentage of Yankee votes since right now there's too many voting scenarios. (Actually, I find many of these polls have too many options.)

    As a baseball fan, I always want to see the two best teams, and that would be a rematch of Phillies/Yankees. The two powerhouse teams. The two best teams.

    I would find a Ranger/Philly series interesting because Cliff Lee vs. Roy Halladay would be fun. While I think Halladay is the best overall pitcher in the game now, I think Lee is entirely capable of shutting down the Phillies. Plus, the Rangers having two lefties in Lee and Wilson could be very tough on the Phillies, so while the Phillies are a better team, the Rangers could give them some trouble. It also means the Rangers beat the Yankees, and if they beat the Yankees, then they can also beat the Phillies. Could be fun.

    Last, a Yankee/Giants series would be a nice revisit of the past. Two of the games historic teams, once from the same city, meeting up for the first time in nearly half a century. Also love both of their new parks, and I might have a chance to take in at least one game in one of the cities based on my travel schedule, so I guess I'm being a bit selfish with this pick.

  26. MikeD Says:

    ...I hit send before I was finished. I'd pick Phillies/Yankees as that's the best match up and the two best teams, IMHO. I always like best teams at the end. It's one of the problems I have with the Wild Card, although have accepted it as a positive for the game. If not Phillies/Yankees, I'll take Giants/Yankees in the hopes of doubling my chances of taking in a game.

    And as for my opinion that there are too many options in polls, I didn't mean this poll. It's necessary with four teams still play with multiple options. There does seem to be a problem with the poll, though, as it won't let me select who I want to see in the World Series. Seems others are having the same issue.

  27. Kaflookey Says:

    MikeD...I don't get it. You don't like the Wild Card because you want to see the best teams at the end but you want the Wild Card there at the end.

  28. DoubleDiamond Says:

    I can't get the "Want" poll to work. I put in Phillies beat Yankees. For the other one, I put in Yankees beat Giants. I fear that the fans in Philadelphia are in for a letdown.

  29. MikeD Says:

    @27, Kaflookey, I think you can get it you want to. If you mean the Yankees because they're the Wild Card, that's actually one of the problems I have. It's altered the game. The Yankees basically went into a defensive strategy the last three weeks once it was clear they were in the playoffs. Made for a non-race the last few weeks in the AL East. At least the Red Sox tried to make it sort of interesting, but it's odd when there's a five-team division, and the only teams trying to win were the third, fourth and fifth place teams for other reasons.

    So I've accepted the wild card, so I have to accept the results, but the Yankees and the Rays would have played a very different last few weeks if there was no wild card, and odds are the Yankees would have won it.

    No sense in worrying about it, though, since the wild card isn't going away.

  30. DoubleDiamond Says:

    I had a first cousin who died relatively young (in his early 60s, but the first family member of my generation to pass away, and it was from a natural cause) a few years ago. He was born in Brooklyn (although his family moved away from there when he was quite young) and had lived in the San Francisco Bay area since the 1970s. His obituary, which I just dug out of a pile of papers, said he was a fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, which I thought was an interesting combination. So, whenever the SF Giants have done well since his death, I have silently cheered for them on his behalf. Ironically, his sister lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and is a Rangers fan. I wonder what her opinion is of a potential match-up between the teams.

  31. Chris Says:

    I expect a Phillies-Yankees World Series, with the Phillies coming out on top. That being said, I would rather see the Rangers win the American League.

  32. Enraged Says:

    I'd consider giving both my kidneys to Osama to see ANYONE beat the Evil Empire but please oh please don't force me to root for the Phillies again!

  33. willierod1834 Says:

    hey, in the past decade the team to beat has always been the Yankees, now in this decade the team to still beat is the Yankees, Sorry Philly fans sorry for spending the money to get oswalt from the other bum texas team, but baseball fans have to realize there are two leagues in baseball the minor league NL and the real major league AL!! Go Yankees Repeat champs 2010

  34. JeffW Says:

    Devon & His 1982 Topps Blog (#11),

    You are so right about Mike Sweeney. Having watched him here in Seattle for a year and a half, I came away amazed by what an outstanding human being he is.

    The chance to play in a postseason run for the first time in his outstanding career is supposed to be why Seattle GM Jack Z engineered the deal with Philly.

    But please don't forget another fine former Royal (and Mariner): Raul Ibanez. Yes, he did win a pennant last year, but I'd like to see him finish the job this year.

    Both are true gentlemen, and great representatives of the game.

    Go Phillies!

  35. JeffW Says:

    Jeff Wise (#17),

    I somehow missed your post earlier, mentioning Ibanez and Sweeney.

    Anyone else who can think of another truly deserving player who has never come close to winning?

  36. Dave Says:


    ahh ... and a Yankee fan chimes in ...

    when are you going to realize that there are other teams in baseball besides your infamous Yankees? I honestly cannot stand when you fans have to interject with some egotistical, snobbish remarks about how some other team landed a player that the Yanks tried so desperately to get .... rude if you ask me.

    Go Texas, Go Giants, and Go Phillies. The Yankees don't deserve to win, IMO.

  37. Jeff Says:

    My hope going into any season is that the Yankees will do miserably and the Giants will win it all. Since obviously the first isn't happening, I'll DEFINITELY take the 2nd.

  38. MikeD Says:

    @35, JeffW -- Hmmm, deserving player. Well, I think Mike Young on the Rangers, who is making his first postseason appearance, wouldn't be a bad pick either to have a chance to win it all. Yet Sweeney is older, played for longer, and spent most of his career on the Royals, so it's nice to see him get a shot. Randy Winn is another deserving player. He's never even sniffed the postseason, yet it seemed this would be the year. He was on the Yankees, so that seemed a lock. Was cut, but then wss picked up by the Cardinals, and that was also almost a lock. At 36 and fading skills, I don't know if he'll get a chance now.

  39. Mike Says:

    As for deserving players that have never made it, what about Aubrey Huff? He toiled away in Tampa, Houston, then Baltimore for years and is also making his first postseason appearance. At any rate, I know that it is ideal to want to see the two "best" teams play in the World Series, but the funny thing about baseball is that it doesn't always work that way. Rather, it's often the team or teams that get hot at the right time. I grew up an Orioles fan, so naturally I despite the Yankees and am pulling for Texas. Also being from Baltimore makes me despite Philadelphia as well, so the perfect scenario would be a Texas-SF Series. Plus, for all of you out there who feel like I do in being so gosh darn sick of the East Coast bias that all the sports stations (namely ESPN) have, a Series with a western feel would be incredibly refreshing.

  40. Mike Says:

    I meant despise, not despite of course