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Pettitte’s Had His Share Of Bad October Moments

Posted by Steve Lombardi on October 29, 2008

Here's an interesting list via's Play Index Post-Season Pitching Game Finder -

It's the most post-season starts in a career where the starter went 5 innings or less and allowed 5 earned runs or more in those outings.  (Guys with 3 or more games like this are shown.)

Games Link to Individual Games
Andy Pettitte 6 Ind. Games
Jaret Wright 4 Ind. Games
Tim Wakefield 4 Ind. Games
Bret Saberhagen 4 Ind. Games
Tom Glavine 4 Ind. Games
Catfish Hunter 3 Ind. Games
Whitey Ford 3 Ind. Games
David Cone 3 Ind. Games
Roger Clemens 3 Ind. Games  


5 Responses to “Pettitte’s Had His Share Of Bad October Moments”

  1. fsteele Says:

    I saw this list, and I thought, "A lot of those guys have started a ton of postseason games."

    So I ran the control query against B-R ("Most postseason starts, career"), and Pettitte is Number 1 with 35. I'm not a subscriber (can we say that in here?), so I don't get the full list, but I do live in Atlanta, so I know Glavine is going to also have a lot of postseason starts, and it seems like Catfish Hunter, Jaret Wright, Ford, and Clemens would also have 10+ qualifying starts. Certainly, these are not generally guys I would have a problem giving the ball for Game 7 of a big series.

    It would be interesting to generate a list of "Bombs/Game Started, postseason", where you look at these bad games in comparison to overall starts.

  2. BunnyWrangler Says:

    Jaret Wright started six postseason games, so he's at a cool 66%.

  3. Mr. Odd Says:

    Look at Ed Figueroa (0-4 in 7 starts, 7.47 ERA) and Doyle Alexander (0-5 in 6 starts, 8.38 ERA) for crappy post-season records. Is there a way to use PI to find all pitchers with no wins and 5+ postseason starts?

  4. whiz Says:

    I looked at the list of players with postseason losses as a starter and the one with the most losses without a win is Aaron Sele, 0-6 with a 4.46 ERA.

  5. truexJR1 Says:

    Haha Jaret Wright can't pitch his way to the 6th inning without giving up five runs in the regular season so why would the playoffs be any better?