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Bloops: Location of card numbers on the backs of baseball cards

Posted by Andy on September 30, 2010

Night Owl Cards has posted a very nice study about the locations of card numbers on the backs of baseball cards.

This is relevant to us for a couple of reasons:

1. The study was sparked by a question from me after noticing how unusual the number positioning was on the back of the 1963 Fleer Roger Craig card that I blogged about previously here.

2. I have invited Night Owl to author some of the Card of the Week posts for our blog, and hopefully we'll get that going soon. He's simply a fantastic writer (that's his day job, too) and knows a ton about baseball cards.

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5 Responses to “Bloops: Location of card numbers on the backs of baseball cards”

  1. Andy, I hope your influence and the magnetic pull of this site (lol) will convince Night Owl to contribute regularly here.

    In my view, you have a significant portion of the thinking baseball community posting and checking what goes on in here. What better forum for Night Owl than to write the baseball card pieces?

  2. Because of the great baseball card stuff here, I started bidding on some 71 and 72 Toppps baseball on ebay.

  3. @2
    Dan W, not a card collector myself, but the Night Owl break-down of set numbers vs. position on card is amazing. Complete with scanned images of the card.

  4. Here's another set with mid or near mid numbering:

    1994 Finest

  5. For set collectors -- at least those of us who still actually touch the cards -- corner numbering is much preferred for quick ordering.