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MLB Network: Pitching Paradigm, Saturday 7pm ET

Posted by Sean Forman on September 16, 2010

7:00 p.m. Behind The Seams "The Pitching Paradigm" - Documentary about the evolution of pitching

via MLB Network: TV Schedule.

Set your TiVo's.  I will be appearing (along with many, many others) in a doc on pitching changes over time.

I've also taped quite a few bits for the MLB Network's Prime 9 series which I believe will begin to air this offseason.

9 Responses to “MLB Network: Pitching Paradigm, Saturday 7pm ET”

  1. Chuck Hildebrandt Says:

    Congratulations, Sean! Looking forward to it!

  2. Andy Says:

    Any truth to the rumor that you and Hazel Mae were regular lunch partners?

  3. Fireworks Says:

    Nice. Sean Forman getting some face time on The Network. Also, thanks to Sean, we know there will be some new "Prime 9" eps.

    Now MLBN just needs a short Sabermetrics segment once a week on "MLB Tonight" so someone like Sean can come in and inform the viewer (and analysts) on reasons for considering advanced statistics instead of merely relying on non-adjusted counting stats. Though I fear Harold Reynold's head would eventually explode.

  4. Steve Lombardi Says:

    Just wanted to ditto on the congrats. This is waaaaaaay cool. 😉

  5. XZPUMAZX Says:

    Congrats Sean!

    I've seen MLBN quote OPS+ and ERA+. The revolution is happening...slowly. The AL CY Young and MVP votes will be the true test.

  6. David Says:

    I don't really think the AL Cy Young vote will be any sort of indication. Sorry-- I realize this probably isn't the thread for this, but I can't help myself. Anyway, if you look at the WAR leaderboard for the AL, King Felix, CC, Jered Weaver, and the Twinanos (Liriano and Pavano-- and yes, I did just come up with that stupid nickname myself) are all pretty much inseperable. Obviously, there's still a lot of time. And yes, I understand that by a lot of FIP measurements, King Felix is clearly better, but I'm not sure that's the best way to measure pitching, either. Sometimes, maybe even MOST of the time, it's right to pitch to contact, and divorcing that from pitching is a bad idea. Plus, I don't think most people here would consider Cliff Lee a viable candidate for AL Cy, but he's at or near the top by every FIP method. And as far as the MVP votes go, the top players by the "traditional" stats are also the leaders by sabermetric stats (with Adrian Gonzalez being the one notable name missing from traditional stats). So, again, I don't really see that as having much of an effect on the race. Again-- sorry for hijacking the thread.

    Sean, congrats, and I can't wait to see more of your contributions to baseball! Oh-- and thanks for getting oWAR and dWar back up!

  7. Neil L. Says:

    Yeah, Sean. You the man!

    Who would need more make up, Sean or Hazel Mae?

  8. Andy Says:

    #7, based on the looks they are going for, definitely Mae.

    #3, I am talking out of turn a bit, but I do know there have been some discussions about getting some more stats stuff onto TV such as MLB Network. Not sure what stage those plans have reached, but I think it's likely something like that will materialize in the future.

  9. Pitching Paradigm Repeat » Baseball-Reference Blog » Blog Archive Says:

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