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Bloops: Sports-Reference Named to TIME’s 50 Best Websites

Posted by Neil Paine on August 25, 2010

OK, I've gotta toot our own vuvuzela for a second here: I just found out that the Sports-Reference family of sites has been named to TIME Magazine's list of the 50 Best Websites for 2010! It's a great honor for us, and a thrill to know that our users get so much enjoyment & utility out of the sites. Here's to being your favorite sports stats destination for many years to come...

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24 Responses to “Bloops: Sports-Reference Named to TIME’s 50 Best Websites”

  1. Pretty cool, and I was glad to see it. But the rankings were a sham for one reason: Sporcle isn't a top 5 Games website??

  2. This comment has been removed by an administrator.

  3. Congratulations! You should be in the top 2 as far as I'm concerned.

    ImAShark6 @ #2

    Shut up and go troll someplace else

  4. [...] the article here: Bloops: Sports-Reference Named to TIME's 50 Best Websites … Categories: Uncategorized tags: been-named, great-honor, magazine, our-own, time, websites [...]

  5. Not a surprise to anyone that visits these sites.

  6. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Dammit, I hate when I miss Sharky's work.

  7. that's awesome stuff, much deserved

  8. Congratulations!

  9. Their credibility would be zip if they missed including you guys.

  10. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Fully deserved...but then, in my book this website is in the top ONE

  11. DoubleDiamond Says:

    This is such a wonderful website, and that's based only on my familiarity with your baseball stuff! Congratulations! I have made some forays into your NBA section and will probably spend some time in the NFL section before long, too.

  12. Wow, Top 50 for TIME is amazing. There's a billion sites out there but this one deserves it a lot!

  13. Of course, that's only the top 50 websites since 1920....

  14. Hahaha, Gerry that made me LOL.

  15. LOL Gerry!

  16. Congrats to all. A lot of hard work and thought goes into these sites and it shows!

  17. Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

  18. Congrats guys! Nice to see the site get some of the accolades it deserves.

  19. Congrats guys, some well deserved recognition.

    I have to agree with Nate @1, how does Sporcle not make the games list? Heck, Sporcle should be top 5 in the education list too.

  20. well deserved congrats! I still remember the day I stumbled across this site and realized it was a baseball lover's dream. Keep up the awesome work.

  21. Richard Chen Says:

    Congratulations! You definitely deserve the acclamation.

  22. Lawrence Azrin Says:

    #10/Frank Clingenpeel Says: "Fully deserved...but then, in my book this website is in the top ONE"
    YESSSS!!! (imagine Marv Albert intoning this, in his basketball play-by-play voice...)

    A most deserving honor, Sean.

  23. You bust your butt on this site. Congrats on the fully accurate accolade. You've earned it and more.

  24. Well-deserved!