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Rich Harden gets pulled mid-no-hitter

Posted by Andy on August 23, 2010

For the second time in a couple of weeks, a pitcher has been pulled deep into a game despite allowing no hits. Rich Harden was just lifted with two outs in the 7th having allowed no hits but 5 walks. The same thing happened to Kevin Slowey on August 15th.

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11 Responses to “Rich Harden gets pulled mid-no-hitter”

  1. First game back from the DL.

  2. When a pitcher gives up 5 walks in less than 7 innings why do we still care that it was a "no-hitter"?

  3. Mike Gaber Says:

    Sorry to "Hi-Jack" this thread but tonight for only the 44th time in MLB history a Pitcher threw a 9 pitch 3 strikeout inning.

    Rafael Soriano of Tampa Bay closed out the Angels in the 9th.
    It's already been updated on WikiPedia.

    Don't know if this Link will work...

  4. Spartan Bill Says:

    @Mike Gaver

    I guess there is no longer any reason to watch the last 2 innings of the game I TiVoed.


  5. The Twins pulled Kevin Slowey, but they almost lost the game. They held on to win, 4-2. The Rangers,on the other hand, won their game, 4-0. Do the Rangers have better relievers or were they lucky?

  6. Jonathan-

    I think it's just about impossible to make any determination by the two game sample size.

  7. Re #1, isn't every second or third start for Harden after coming off the DL?

  8. Ol' "Ninety-pitch Rich" was probably maxed out on his count. Why go through a 1-2-3 inning on 12-15 pitches when 35-40 will do?

  9. Speaking of pitch counts, Jaime Garcia had an 89-pitch CG Sunday. According to the pitching game finder, there have been only 20 games since 2000 with fewer pitches in 9 IP -- once by Rich Harden, in fact, 81 pitches on 2005-07-14.

    I don't know if all of these games had accurate pitch counts, it could be even more rare. Aaron Cook had a 74 pitch game on 2007-07-25, and by looking at the Retrosheet event files it looks like there were no pitch counts missing. Carlos Silva also had a 74 pitch games on 2005-05-20. Those were the lowest pitch counts for 9 IP since 2000.

  10. Wayne Hagin has talked about Cook's game on Mets broadcasts.

  11. In today's (Aug. 25) bb-ref blog article on Ross Ohlendorf, I see there's a "related post" link to a 2007 bb-ref article about Cook's game.