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Leadoff hitter on base

Posted by Andy on September 11, 2008

So far in 2008, here are the top and bottom teams for most games where the guy batting in the #1 position got on base zero times:

 Tm  Year Games Link to Individual Games
 COL 2008    50 Ind. Games                
 OAK 2008    42 Ind. Games                
 TOR 2008    39 Ind. Games               



 TEX 2008    20 Ind. Games                
 FLA 2008    18 Ind. Games                
 CLE 2008    18 Ind. Games               

This stat doesn't seem to correlate very much with overall record.

So I thought that perhaps looking at games where the leadoff hitter got on base at least 3 times would correlate with record, but it doesn't either:

 Tm  Year Games Link to Individual Games
 SDP 2008    37 Ind. Games                
 DET 2008    37 Ind. Games                
 CLE 2008    37 Ind. Games               


 TBR 2008    23 Ind. Games                
 ARI 2008    23 Ind. Games                
 OAK 2008    18 Ind. Games                
 HOU 2008    15 Ind. Games                

4 Responses to “Leadoff hitter on base”

  1. Fly Says:

    Last night, the Red Sox used 3 catchers, and had a fourth catcher available on the bench. What's the most catchers a team has used in one game?

  2. Andy Says:

    That's not determinable through the PI.

  3. BoondockSaint Says:

    Why can't my beloved Indians translate Grady's ability to get on base into wins? Is it too much to ask for that we not have the worst luck?

  4. gerry Says:

    According to the 1992 edition of The Sporting News Complete Baseball Record Book, the record for most catchers a team has used in a game is 4, which has happened five times:

    Braves vs Giants 6 Oct 29
    Dodgers vs Cards 5 May 40
    Giants vs Cards 2 Sept 62
    Twins vs Angels 27 Sept 67
    Royals vs White Sox 21 Sept 73 (12 innings)