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HOF benchmarks for one club

Posted by Raphy on September 9, 2008

Players who had 500+ home runs for a franchise:

 Franchise                         Number Players Matching
 San Francisco Giants                   3 Barry Bonds / Willie Mays / Mel Ott
 Chicago Cubs                           2 Ernie Banks / Sammy Sosa
 New York Yankees                       2 Mickey Mantle / Babe Ruth
 Atlanta Braves                         1 Hank Aaron
 Boston Red Sox                         1 Ted Williams
 Minnesota Twins                        1 Harmon Killebrew
 Philadelphia Phillies                  1 Mike Schmidt     

Players who had 3000+ hits for a franchise:

 Franchise                         Number Players Matching
 Detroit Tigers                         2 Ty Cobb / Al Kaline
 Atlanta Braves                         1 Hank Aaron
 Baltimore Orioles                      1 Cal Ripken
 Boston Red Sox                         1 Carl Yastrzemski
 Cincinnati Reds                        1 Pete Rose
 Houston Astros                         1 Craig Biggio
 Kansas City Royals                     1 George Brett
 Milwaukee Brewers                      1 Robin Yount
 Pittsburgh Pirates                     1 Roberto Clemente
 San Diego Padres                       1 Tony Gwynn
 San Francisco Giants                   1 Willie Mays
 St. Louis Cardinals                    1 Stan Musial

Players who had 300+ wins for a franchise:

 Franchise                         Number Players Matching
 Atlanta Braves                         2 Kid Nichols / Warren Spahn
 Minnesota Twins                        1 Walter Johnson
 San Francisco Giants                   1 Christy Mathewson

I was surprised how few there were.

10 Responses to “HOF benchmarks for one club”

  1. Johnny Twisto Says:

    I have no insights but I find this very interesting.

  2. kingturtle Says:

    OK, it gets more interesting when you lower the bar. Three teams have 8 players with 2000+ hits. One team has 5 players with 400+ home runs. Two teams have 4 pitchers with 200+ wins. Can you name the teams?

    Answers are in my next post.

  3. kingturtle Says:

    2000+ hits
    *8 players - NYY: Gehrig, Jeter, Ruth, Mantle, BWilliams, DiMaggio, Mattingly, Berra
    *8 players - CHC: Anson, Banks, BWilliams, Sandberg, Grace, Hack, Santo, JRyan
    *8 players - PIT: Clemente, Wagner, PWaner, Carey, Traynor, LWaner, Stargell, Mazeroski
    *7 players - DET: Cobb, Kaline, Gehringer, Heilmann, Crawford, Whitaker, Trammell
    *6 players - BOS: Yaz, TWilliams, Rice, Evans, Boggs, Doerr
    *6 players - MIN: SRice, Puckett, Judge, Milan, Carew, Killebrew
    *5 players - CIN: Rose, Larkin, Concepcion, McPhee, Bench
    *4 players - BAL: Ripken, BRobinson, Sisler, Murray
    *4 players - CHW: Appling, Fox, Thomas, Collins
    *4 players - STL: Musial, Brock, Hornsby, Slaughter
    *3 players - PHI: Schmidt, Ashburn, Delahanty
    *3 players - ATL: Aaron, CJones, Mathews
    *3 players - LAD: Wheat, Reese, WDavis
    *3 players - SFG: Mays, Ott, Terry
    *2 players - HOU: Biggio, Bagwell
    *2 players - MIL: Yount, Molitor
    *1 player - CLE: Lajoie
    *1 player - LAA: Anderson
    *1 player - SEA: EMartinez
    *1 player - SDP: Gwynn
    *Honorable mention - COL: Helton currently has 1957 hits

  4. kingturtle Says:

    400+ HRs
    *5 players - SFG: Mays, Bonds, Ott, McCovey, MWilliams
    *3 players - ATL: Aaron, Mathews, CJones (the same three who had 2000+ hits!!)
    *2 players - BOS: TWilliams, Yaz
    *2 players - CHC: Sosa, Banks
    *1 player - BAL: Ripken
    *1 player - CHW: Thomas
    *1 player - PHI: Schmidt
    *1 player - HOU: Bagwell
    *1 player - STL: Musial
    *1 player - PIT: Stargell

  5. kingturtle Says:

    200+ wins
    *5 pitchers - ATL: Spahn, Nichols, Neikro, Glavine, Smoltz
    *5 pitchers - SFG: Mathewson, Hubbell, Marichal, MWelch, Rusie
    *4 pitchers - DET: HOOKS DAUSS, George Mullin, Lolich, Newhouser
    *3 pitchers - CLE: Feller, Harder, Lemon
    *2 pitchers - PHI: Carlton, Roberts
    *2 pitchers - NYY: Ford, Ruffing
    *2 pitchers - STL: Gibson, Haines
    *2 pitchers - CHW: Lyons, Faber
    *2 pitchers - LAD: Sutton, Drysdale
    *1 pitcher - BAL: Palmer
    *1 pitcher - PIT: Wilbur Cooper
    *1 pitcher - CHC: Root
    *1 pitcher - MIN: WJohnson
    *1 pitcher - OAK: Plank

  6. gerry Says:

    BWilliams had 2000 hits for both the Yankees and the Cubs? Oh, wait - never mind. CJones is very close to being an unfortunate abbreviation. Thanks for posting these lists.

  7. spartanbill Says:


    Is there a way to prepare these lists by searching each team at once, or ddi you have to take the time to search them all one team at a time?

  8. Raphy Says:

    spartanbill if you click the links on top of my lists it tells you what was done. If you don't understand from the link, please let me know.

  9. kingturtle Says:

    gerry. i had a hour to spare, so I did it by hand, using baseball-reference. I think Raphy explains how to do it the easier way.

  10. Raphy Says:

    Wow kingturtle, that's a lot of work!

    Matt Williams doesn't belong on you home run list. 3 Yankees (Gehrig, Ruth and Mantle) do.