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3 More to Tie the Babe

Posted by Raphy on September 6, 2008

Alex Rodriguez has 32 home runs this year.  If he hits 3 more, it will be his 12th season with 35 or more. Here are the players with 10 or more 35+ homer seasons.

                   From  To   Ages Seasons Link to Individual Seasons
 Babe Ruth         1920 1932 25-37      12 Ind. Seasons                   
 Alex Rodriguez    1996 2007 20-31      11 Ind. Seasons                   
 Mike Schmidt      1974 1987 24-37      11 Ind. Seasons                   
 Hank Aaron        1957 1973 23-39      11 Ind. Seasons                   
 Sammy Sosa        1995 2004 26-35      10 Ind. Seasons                   
 Rafael Palmeiro   1993 2003 28-38      10 Ind. Seasons                   
 Barry Bonds       1993 2004 28-39      10 Ind. Seasons                   
 Willie Mays       1954 1966 23-35      10 Ind. Seasons                   
 Jimmie Foxx       1930 1940 22-32      10 Ind. Seasons                   

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One Response to “3 More to Tie the Babe”

  1. Johnny Twisto Says:

    And incredibly, EVERY SINGLE one of them came with an 8-run lead.

    You never know, but it's hard to imagine he doesn't have a few more of these seasons in him. Would be pretty amazing to blow everyone away, the Babe included, in this measure.

    He's 2nd in 40-HR seasons, but still a few behind Ruth.

    Tied for 5th in 30-HR seasons, a few behind Aaron.

    Three 50-HR seasons, one behind Ruth, Sosa, and McGwire.