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Horses in White Sox

Posted by Raphy on August 26, 2008

The Chicago White Sox currently lead the majors with 4  pitchers who have thrown 150 innings or more.  The team is continuing a run of getting the most out of their starters that began 3 years ago.  In 2007 they led the majors with 3 pitchers who pitched at least 200 innings. They also led in 2006 and 2005 with 4 in each of those years.

Here are the teams with the most 150 IP pitchers this season:

 Year Lg Team                              Number Players Matching
 2008 AL Chicago White Sox                      4 Mark Buehrle / Javier Vazquez / John Danks / Gavin Floyd
 2008 AL Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim          3 Ervin Santana / Jon Garland / Joe Saunders
 2008 NL Chicago Cubs                           3 Ryan Dempster / Ted Lilly / Carlos Zambrano
 2008 NL Cincinnati Reds                        3 Johnny Cueto / Edinson Volquez / Bronson Arroyo
 2008 AL Detroit Tigers                         3 Kenny Rogers / Justin Verlander / Nate Robertson
 2008 NL Los Angeles Dodgers                    3 Chad Billingsley / Derek Lowe / Hiroki Kuroda
 2008 NL New York Mets                          3 Oliver Perez / Johan Santana / Mike Pelfrey
 2008 AL Tampa Bay Rays                         3 Andy Sonnanstine / James Shields / Matt Garza
 2008 NL Arizona Diamondbacks                   2 Brandon Webb / Danny Haren
 2008 AL Baltimore Orioles                      2 Jeremy Guthrie / Daniel Cabrera
 2008 NL Colorado Rockies                       2 Ubaldo Jimenez / Aaron Cook
 2008 NL Florida Marlins                        2 Ricky Nolasco / Scott Olsen
 2008 NL Houston Astros                         2 Brandon Backe / Roy Oswalt
 2008 AL Kansas City Royals                     2 Gil Meche / Zack Greinke
 2008 AL New York Yankees                       2 Mike Mussina / Andy Pettitte
 2008 NL Philadelphia Phillies                  2 Cole Hamels / Jamie Moyer
 2008 NL Pittsburgh Pirates                     2 Zach Duke / Paul Maholm
 2008 NL San Francisco Giants                   2 Matt Cain / Tim Lincecum
 2008 NL St. Louis Cardinals                    2 Kyle Lohse / Braden Looper
 2008 AL Toronto Blue Jays                      2 A.J. Burnett / Roy Halladay
 2008 NL Atlanta Braves                         1 Jair Jurrjens
 2008 AL Boston Red Sox                         1 Jon Lester
 2008 AL Cleveland Indians                      1 Cliff Lee
 2008 NL Milwaukee Brewers                      1 Ben Sheets
 2008 AL Minnesota Twins                        1 Nick Blackburn
 2008 NL San Diego Padres                       1 Greg Maddux
 2008 AL Seattle Mariners                       1 Felix Hernandez
 2008 NL Washington Nationals                   1 Tim Redding

3 Responses to “Horses in White Sox”

  1. gerry Says:

    To put this in a little perspective, the 1905 Braves had three pitchers who put in over 330 innings each.

  2. Johnny Twisto Says:

    There have been about 25 teams with two pitchers with at least 400 IP, all in the 1880s and '90s. One of those teams had two pitchers with at least 500 IP, the '86 Giants led by Tim Keefe and Mickey Welch. They pitched all but 27 of the team's IP that season. From 1885-1889, Keefe and Welch combined for 324 wins for New York.

    There were about a dozen teams with three pitchers with at least 300 IP, the last the '06 iteration of Gerry's Braves.

    About a dozen teams with four pitchers with at least 250 IP, most in the nineteen-aughts, the last in 1943.

    22 teams with five pitchers with at least 200 IP. Most were in the deadball era, a few straggled into the '20s. The last was the notorious 1980 Athletics.

    About 30 teams had six pitchers who qualified for the ERA title (1 IP per team game). Most were from the deadball era through the '20s, the last was the '50 Cardinals.

    The 2002 Padres had the most pitchers with at least one game -- 37.

  3. spartanbill Says:

    You must have run this list early on the 26th. Jered Weaver hit 154.0 IP on 8-25-08 so the Angels should also have 4 pitchers on the list.