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From 1956 to 2008, most team cycles in a season

Posted by Sean Forman on July 28, 2008

From 1956 to 2008, most team cycles in a season - Baseball-Reference PI

Not sure what this tells you about a team, but there you have it.

2 Responses to “From 1956 to 2008, most team cycles in a season”

  1. battlekow Says:

    The last team to register exactly and only the cycle in a game (four hits: one single, one double, one triple, and one home run) was the Yankees on 6/30/08. It's happened 58 times since 1956.

  2. David in Toledo Says:

    Both are very interesting team batting statistics.

    Since what Battlekow found happens about once a year, I wonder if there was ever an instance when most (that is, 3) of the 4 hits were by a single player.

    Triples are the most difficult hit to come by since 1956. So I would think that Sean's list SUGGESTS that a team that ranks high on it plays home games in a large ballpark that favors triples; and/or has Curtis Granderson/Jimmy Rollins-like players on the roster.