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“Like” our Game Results on Facebook

Posted by Sean Forman on July 1, 2010

June 30, 2010 Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox Play by Play and Box Score -

I'm just doing a little bit of experimenting here to see if this might catch on.  Each of our 2010 box scores now allows you to "Like" the game on facebook.  You can make your own comments on your facebook page about the game and it will show up on your Wall.  Haven't figured out if it shows up in your friends feeds as well.  I think it may.  Give it a whirl.  If no one uses it, we'll take it away next week.

5 Responses to ““Like” our Game Results on Facebook”

  1. Mike Scioscia's tragic illness Says:

    i'm probably being dense, but I don't see where to Like it on that page.

  2. ajnrules Says:

    I think this is a nice feature, but there isn't a game in 2010 so far that I'd "like." I do have a game in 2009 that I'd like to "like."

  3. Mr. Dave Says:

    If you could do this for games back in 2007, there is a Royals/Red Sox game that I would like to have as a 'like' on my facebook. It is the only time I've seen the Royals win while I've personally been at the game. They're 1-14, including Jon Lester's no-hitter, with me in attendance.

  4. Raphy Says:

    So you're the problem. 🙂
    ouch. 🙁

  5. Mr. Dave Says:

    It's quite possible Ralphy. My first instance with watching baseball was the 1985 World Series, and I got hooked watching Dan Quisenberry since his pitching style was so unique. I'm also a Flyers and a Buccaneers fan, so I think my track record of horrific sports teams and/or a lack of championships speaks for itself. At least I'll always have 1985 (and 2002 for football).