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Debuting in the Leadoff Position

Posted by Raphy on June 30, 2008

Tonight, Brett Gardner made his major league debut leading off for the Yankees.  I was a bit surprised because I thought that leadoff type players  usually start off their careers in the "double leadoff" spot. I did a PI search for all players making their debut batting leadoff in games with a DH. Here are the results. (There is one player (not in the link) who made his debut hitting leadoff in an interleague game with a DH. Bonus points if you knew that it was Mike Colangelo. )

60 previous times since 1973, including 5 in 2002. (Some teams, such as the '95 Royals and the '94 Mariners tried it twice.) However, Gardner is the first since 2002.

One Response to “Debuting in the Leadoff Position”

  1. mmayes Says:

    In keeping with the "HR v. Triples" theme from a couple of posts ago, the debut player in the leadoff spot was more likely to triple in his first game than homer.

    Triples: Johnny Damon, Jeff Frye, Mickey Brantley (first AB), Daryl Boston (first AB)and Sergio Ferrer.

    Homers: George Wright and Dave Machemer (first AB).