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Most career AB with all strikeouts

Posted by Andy on June 23, 2008

Reader JSE asked in the Suggestions about who holds the record for most career ABs with strikeouts in every single AB. He cited Daniel Cabrera as having 11 careers ABs and 11 K's.

Turns out, Cabrera is the record-holder, at least since 1901. Here are all 134 careers with at least 11 AB and a batting average of zero. A quick comparison of the AB and SO columns shows that Cabrera is the only guy with as many SO as AB.

Junior Herndon got close with 11 Ks in 12 ABs.

Mind you, I think there are tons of guys who missed by 1 or 2 strikeouts but also got at least 1 career hit, so they don't appear on this list without a career batting average of zero.

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2 Responses to “Most career AB with all strikeouts”

  1. Let's root for Josh Labandiera to make it back to the majors. He's at #56 on this list. I scanned past the pitchers and looked for position players of recent vintage who didn't have a hit. Baseball Cube shows he's still toiling in Triple-A. Will he get a chance to break his 0 for 14?

  2. Cabrera has 11 K's in 11 AB's, but has had 12 total PA's - 1 sacrifice hit on 6/30/06. He got Markakis, who was eventually LOB, to 2nd on a bunt. Now THAT's a productive offensive career.