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Arthur Rhodes’ excellent season

Posted by Andy on June 18, 2010

Arthur Rhodes is 40 and fabulous. Apparently for him, 40 is the new 27.

Rhodes now has the most scoreless appearances in a season, age 40 or older, team's first 67 games of the season:

Rk Player Year #Matching W L W-L% SV IP H ER BB SO WHIP
1 Arthur Rhodes 2010 30 Ind. Games 2 0 1.000 0 28.0 13 0 10 26 0.82
2 Doug Brocail 2008 28 Ind. Games 1 0 1.000 2 29.0 14 0 6 26 0.69
3 Mike Remlinger 2006 27 Ind. Games 2 0 1.000 2 17.1 12 0 4 15 0.92
4 Kent Tekulve 1987 26 Ind. Games 2 1 .667 1 33.2 16 0 6 19 0.65
5 Roberto Hernandez 2005 26 Ind. Games 2 0 1.000 1 24.1 14 0 8 24 0.90
6 Hoyt Wilhelm 1964 25 Ind. Games 1 0 1.000 11 40.0 17 0 3 32 0.50
7 Jeff Fassero 2003 25 Ind. Games 0 1 .000 3 18.0 8 0 6 11 0.78
8 Orlando Pena 1974 24 Ind. Games 4 0 1.000 1 23.0 13 0 8 12 0.91
9 Doug Jones 1998 24 Ind. Games 1 0 1.000 12 26.1 18 0 4 21 0.84
10 Roberto Hernandez 2006 24 Ind. Games 0 0 2 23.1 15 0 10 18 1.07
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Generated 6/18/2010.

The record for most such appearances in a full season is 67 by Kent Tekulve in 1987. Rhodes has a legitimate shot at breaking that record too.

Here's a mini-poll: if Rhodes has a few bad outings in a row this year and I post on it, should the title be "Rhodes Implodes" or "Rhodes Squalor"?

26 Responses to “Arthur Rhodes’ excellent season”

  1. Matthew Glidden Says:

    Rhodes Squalor! I like it.

  2. XZPUMAZX Says:

    I like Rhodes Implodes, but how about some alliteration...Rhodes Run Regresses

    Arthur's stats look very similar to Joba Chamberlin circa 2007. After watching Joba stink it up, and Yankee fans excuse his performance away, is it too early to say the pinstripe faithful fell victim to the small sample size when basically dubbing this dud the heir apparent to Mo?

  3. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    My first thought would be to call in "Downhill Rhodes"

  4. DoubleDiamond Says:

    Is this the same Arthur Rhodes who was so awful with the Phillies a few years ago?

  5. Johnny Twisto Says:

    XZPUMA, it's a fair question about small sample size, but I don't think it's applicable. Yes, it was only 24 IP, but I watched nearly all those IP, and from a scouting standpoint, his results were absolutely supported by his stuff. He had a 98 mph fastball, a devastating slider that he could break in different directions, and a nice curve. He didn't just luck his way into 24 good IP, he was blowing batters away. Nobody got excited by Matt Smith's 12 scoreless IP to start his career in 2006 -- I'd venture to guess most Yankee fans don't even remember the name, just four years later -- because they weren't supported by peripheral numbers or stuff of similar quality. Obviously Joba wasn't going to continue pitching to a 0.38 ERA forever, but I think the hype was absolutely warranted. Unfortunately, he got hurt, and he's not the same guy right now. His stuff is still plenty good to be an effective pitcher, but he apparently needs to make some adjustments.

  6. XZPUMAZX Says:

    Truth be told I was just ribing do to the Mets and Yankees playing tonight (me be a Met fan), and you are 100% acurate as I too watched many of his innings. Do you think the way the Yankees have handled Joba has led to his inconcistancies. I know it's really hard to quantify, but how much does not having a defined role affect a pitcher's mentality?

  7. AlvaroEspinoza Says:

    It would be bitter sweet to see Rhodes break the record. I always thought Tekulve's 67 scoreless appearances in a season after age 40 would stand forever.

  8. Andy Says:

    Laugh, Alvaro. You folks are starting to carry a lot of comments from one post to another...keeping me on my toes.

  9. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Tough question PUMA. This is the first season there was really a question about his role, and obviously he's not pitching well. He knew when he came up in '07 he'd be in the pen. Although there was a lot of sparring from both sides about where he should go next, I think it was pretty-well decided in '08 that he would start in the pen, and then move to the rotation in an efforts to keep his IP down. And last year he was a SP from the beginning. This year there was ostensibly a battle for the 5th starter spot in spring training, so he didn't know where he would be. It's hard to blame that for his problems but it could have an effect.

    I wonder if they should send him down to AAA to figure things out. Let him start down there (unless they don't think his shoulder can handle starting), learn how pitch again with his reduced velocity, gain some confidence, and see if he looks like a rotation candidate for 2011.

    But it's odd...his K and BB rates are still pretty good. He's giving up a .370 BABIP. I'm not sure if that's some bad luck or if balls are getting ripped. He's only given up 1 HR in 28 IP, so it doesn't seem like he's getting crushed, but I just haven't seen enough of him to be sure.

  10. XZPUMAZX Says:

    There's no room in rotation, in the forseeable future, for Joba. Though Vazquez is in the last year of his contract, I think.

    Completely off topic...

    I keep hearing how the Mets are so and so when Jose Reyes scores a run. I hear it so much so, that, as a Met fan I get anoyed. Tonight, they showed the most anoying stat of them all. The Mets are 129 - 32 when Jose Reyes scores a run AND drives one in. I have to believe that the major league average is above .500% when almost any league average player scores a run and drives one in, in the same game.

    Is there a way to search for this?

  11. masternachos Says:

    What about 'Rocky Rhodes'?

  12. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Vazquez is a free agent, Pettitte threatens to retire every season, Sabathia can opt out after next season. There's always room one makes it through a season with 5 starters.

    I think you have to do multiple game finder searches to find the team's record when a player does something. Yankees are 9-2 this season when Brett Gardner scores and drives in a run.

    Mets are 1-2 when Alex Cora does it. Clearly, they need to make sure he doesn't play well to have a chance.

    Who is the most average player in baseball? I don't about someone like David DeJesus. In his career, the Royals are...99-68 when he scores and drives in a run.

  13. Spartan Bill Says:

    Did Arthur Rhodes ever match-up against Darren Holmes????

    I would be interested in seeing the Holmes-Rhodes splits.

  14. Gerry Says:

    Collapsus of Rhodes?

  15. Andy Says:

    Having given it a little thought it just seems a lot easier to come up with negative titles for Rhodes than positive ones. I did LOL at Holmes/Rhodes splits, though, which is neither. Rocky Rhodes is good too.
    Any more ideas?

  16. TheGoof Says:

    Johnny, PUMA, take a look at Joba's home/road splits and his game log. People always look at the averages, and that sometimes obscures frequency...

    Joba has been two different pitchers this year. One is lights out, mostly on the road. He's been so damn good at times, the numbers are unbelievable. The other, mostly at home, has been positively hideous a handful of times, occasionally getting lucky enough to end up without allowing more runs (nice D and Rivera cleaning your mess helps). Team those numbers up, and you get very good K/BB and HR numbers and a lousy ERA.

    Chamberlain has allowed runs in eight of 30 appearances. But when he's allowed them, he's really been hit hard, giving up three or more four of those times. In half a season, four such blowups can wreck your ERA. Just ask Javy Vazquez. Time will tell if those are the exception or just part of who he is. He's had streaks of five and eight scoreless appearances. I think he'll turn out to be a (mostly) dependable eighth inning guy, and possibly a B or B+ closer if he inherits Rivera's job. But then, I've been wrong a time or ten.

  17. Andy Says:

    Chamberlain is so young, still, and has really been jerked around in terms of roll. If he's given a steady role and proper instruction, he clearly has the stuff to be a top pitcher. But talent and performance are not the same thing.

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  19. BSK Says:

    ...can Sabathia really opt out after next year...?

  20. Andy Says:

    Yes he can. This was one of the major criticisms of the contract in terms of the Yankees conceding too much. It seems unlikely Cc will opt out though unless he hates NY since pitcher salaries haven't inflated much in the interim.

  21. Raphy Says:

    @10 - You can use the batting game finder.

    Set the parameters R>=1, RBI>=1
    The do 2 separate searches one for wins and one for losses. The total number of game will be on the bottom of the page. Of course you need to decide if the overlap (multiple players in a game) bothers you.
    Since 2003 we get 46,451-20,021 for the league as a while. So yes, 130-32 is much better than that.

  22. rico petrocelli Says:

    Arthur's lapse headline?
    Gotta be


  23. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Andy, it may not be so much about the salary as the years. I'm not sure how many more years he'll have if he doesn't opt out (3 or 4?), but if he can get more years at at least a similar salary, then he'll probably do it.

  24. Johnny RotoGeek Says:

    What's the record for consecutive appearances without allowing a run? Rhodes is above 30 since allowing one run in his second start.

  25. Johnny RotoGeek Says:

    Found it:
    The team record for consecutive scoreless innings is 30 by Ted Abernathy in 1967, and the MLB mark for consecutive scoreless appearances is Michael Myers’ 37

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