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2010 Draft Picks Now in the Database

Posted by Sean Forman on June 18, 2010

2010 Draft Picks now in Database

Sorry for the 10 days of delay, but we now have all of the picks from the 2010 draft entered along with their biographical info. As the players debut we'll be linking to their minor league stats, so you can get stats for all of your team's draftees in one place.

I think we have matched up school names, but there are always some we'll miss so let us know about those.

6 Responses to “2010 Draft Picks Now in the Database”

  1. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Just one question; I was under the impression that Bryce Harper was primarily c catcher. Are the Nationals naive enough to convert him to the outfield, in the belief that Pudge Rodriguez is going to be around long enough to block his rise? If they are, I have this bridge in Brooklyn for sale...

  2. Johnny Twisto Says:

    When he was picked they announced his position as OF. I'm sure it has nothing to do with IRod. Boras had said Harper should play OF to get the most out of his bat. I'm not sure that's the right idea, and I'm not sure that Washington really won't try Harper as a C at all (unless Harper himself doesn't want to play it).

  3. Chuck Says:

    As far as it relates to high school or junior college, Harper's a pretty good catcher. As it relates to being a professional, especially a major leaguer, he probably has peaked at the position and for him to be a viable asset on both offense and defense the Nationals had no choice but to move him.

    Harper's alot closer to Jesus Montero than Matt Wieters as a catcher, with little chance of improving.

    Regardless of where he plays, Harper will be nothing more than a lefthanded version of Mark Reynolds..if that.

  4. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Chuck, you seem like you have some knowledge in this regard. I've never read a good explanation of why Montero will have to move off C. Everyone just says it's inevitable. His caught-stealing numbers seem OK. It does look like he gives up too many passed balls. Is that not something he can improve, is he too big, does he have bad technique?

  5. Chuck Says:

    It's more technique to me, Johnny.

    It's hard to explain, really. It's just body type for him. Both Joe Mauer and Wieters are bigger than Montero and both move like they're smaller than they are. Montero just seems really stiff and unsure in his movements and, IMO, it's not just physical.

    I think the Giants will eventually move Buster Posey permanently too, and he's alot smaller than any of those guys.

    Some guys have it, some don't.

    Craig Biggio, Brandon Inge, BJ Surhoff, to name a few, were all great college catchers who ended up moving because they just short on what it took to be a ML catcher.

    Nothing against them, but that's just the way it is.

  6. Johnny Twisto Says:

    I thought Inge only moved because he could not hit _at all_ when catching, and Biggio to save his legs (he caught four seasons in the majors). But guys like Konerko or Delgado caught all through the minors and then no one wanted to see them do it in the majors.