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Tyler Green 1995 splits

Posted by Andy on May 22, 2008

This is just a quickie. Phillies fans will remember this well. In 1995, Tyler Green made the All-Star team after a first half where he went 8-4 over 96 innings, allowing 80 hits and 3 HR with a 2.81 ERA. However, in the second half, he went 0-5 over 44.2 innings, allowing 77 hits and 12 HR with a 10.68 ERA. You can get this info from his 1995 splits.

That's 1 HR every 32 innings in the first half, and more than 1 HR every 4 innings in the second half. That's quite a difference.

Green had some good games in subsequent years (such as this one) but was never regained his consistency from the first half of 1995.

2 Responses to “Tyler Green 1995 splits”

  1. druce26 Says:

    It should be noted that Tyler pitched through arm problems in the second half, didn't pitch in 1996, and was never quite the same pitcher again.

  2. apreziosi Says:

    How ironic that both Green and Bottalico do post-game anaylsis on different local Philadelphia stations after Phillies games. We also have Mitch Williams on our cable outlet and sadly, we lost John Marzano last month, who did analysis prior to leaving for