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Stat Challenge: Week 4

Posted by Andy on June 11, 2010

Here is the entry form for the Week 4 Stat Challenge. You have until 7:05 ET on Monday the 14th to submit your entry. If you cannot see the form below, you may make your entry in the comments for this post. (But please use the form if you can see it.)

10 Responses to “Stat Challenge: Week 4”

  1. Andy Says:

    Stat Challenge Week 4

    Enter your guesses below for games played from Monday June 14th to Sunday June 20th. Entries must be submitted by 7:05 PM ET on Monday the 14th.

    Question 1: How many runs will the Cubs score on home runs? Barring anything funny like runners passing each other on the basepaths, this will be total home runs plus runners on base at the time of the homers

    Question 2: How many walks will be allowed by the Brewers' staff?

    Question 3: How many saves will be recorded in all of MLB?

    Question 4: How many total hits for Robinson Cano, NYY?

    Question 5: How many total outs will be recorded by Matt Belislie, COL and Manual Corpas, COL?

  2. koma Says:

    does the the Screen Name has to be the same every single week EXACTLY?

    I mean capitals, since for example Elkboy entered as elkboy the first 2 weeks.

  3. David G Says:


    Since you introduced the form, I've been starting to participate in the Stat Challenge, and its a lot of fun. Pardon my ignorance, but how would I go about seeing what my submission was? So far I've been jotting them down, but if I forget to do that, is there a way to see the submissions?


  4. Andy Says:

    And sometimes you are koma and sometimes komA. Side there are weekly prizes and no seasonal prize, you can change your screen name every week.

    I will post all the entries for this week in the comments here so you can check back to recall your enty.

  5. koma Says:

    hmm, i thought there is still a seasonal price too and i changed the Koma to KomA following the official rules which state that "these must be exactly the same from week to week"

  6. Frank Clingenpeel Says:


    Other than doing Question 1 for all teams, rather than just the Cubs, I thjink I'd stand by these predictions.

  7. DannyKugler Says:

    Matt Belislie is actually Matt Belisle but then again I shouldn't complain, my first entry was only 1/2 filled out. I hope it can be ignored. My second one is complete. Accurate? Another matter entirely.

  8. WanderingWinder Says:

    This post doesn't seem to have been filed under "Stat Challenge". Just FYI

  9. Andy Says:

    Fixed, thanks.

  10. koma Says:

    won´t you post the entries of week 4?