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Streaking Cubs

Posted by Chris J. on April 22, 2008

Today the Cubs won again.  It was their fourth straight game they won by at least 6 runs.  I had to check to see when that last happened.

B-ref is great for checking things like that.  Each team's main page links to their schedule, and the right hand margin is a hash marker telling you how long their current win/loss streak is. 

Upon checking, the last time they did this was . . . well, I got sick of checking after 1906.  They hadn't done it in all that time, unless I missed something.  This week the Cubs did something they haven't done in over a century.  Wow.

 Still, the first week of June 1930 might've been a more impressive stretch, though.   

2 Responses to “Streaking Cubs”

  1. Chris J. Says:

    Turns out they last did it in August 1886.

    120 years ago.

  2. Chris J. Says:

    Er, 122 years ago. Forgive me, I'm a Cubs fan. Can't expect me to be too intelligent.