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Which teams have 30 wins?

Posted by Andy on May 30, 2010

Are you paying attention? Which 4 teams in baseball have at least 30 wins right now?

So you got the Rays and the Yankees.

Did you get the Reds and the Padres?

The Twins will join that list if they beat the Rangers tonight.

7 Responses to “Which teams have 30 wins?”

  1. Ro Says:

    What about Toronto?

  2. Andy Says:

    With the exchange rate, their 30 Canadian wins are worth only 24 in the US. (and I missed them, thanks.)

  3. Ro Says:


  4. BCC Says:

    At current rates, it's more like 28.5 wins.

  5. DavidRF Says:

    Speaking of exchange rates, has anyone else noticed the league-skew in the SRS ratings? I know the consensus is that the AL is the stronger league but I thought the SRS model was too simple to pick up on that. The skew seems to be completely in the Strength of Schedule (SOS) as the 8 toughest schedules are in the AL and the 13 weakest schedules are in the NL. Almost seems like just three teams are driving this skew. HOU/PIT on the low end in the NL and TBR on the high end on the AL. Pittsburgh had a seven game losing streak last month where they were blown out almost every day (72-12 over seven games).

  6. Ben Says:

    DavidRF, I'm fairly sure that the reason for the skew is because of a few blowouts in favor of the American league on the first day on interleague play when the AL in total outscored the NL by 26 runs(by my calculations) due in large part to the Twins (15-3 over Brewers), Royals (9-2 over Rockies), and White Sox (8-0 over Marlins). The Saturday/Sunday games of that weekend were slightly in the favor of the NL (NL outscored AL by 5), but not enough to undo the damage, leading to a large slant in favor of the AL.

  7. DavidRF Says:

    Oh. I just re-read the definition of SOS. Its iterative. I was just using Rdiff, but that is just the initial seed. Its the successive iterations that are causing the skew. Thanks.