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Non-pitchers pitching

Posted by Andy on May 29, 2010

Yesterday was an unusual day in MLB. Lots of interesting things happened, but one particular oddity was two different games that featured non-pitchers pitching:

Of course, this wasn't the first time this season that two different non-pitchers pitched on the same day. In this game, both Felipe Lopez and Joe Mather pitched for the Cardinals in the same game against the totally awesome Mets.

6 Responses to “Non-pitchers pitching”

  1. Atlas Says:

    I'm so sick of all this pro-Mets nonsense you guys are putting in every post! You're obviously biased for the Mets!

    😉 Heh.

  2. Greg Says:

    Before that Cardinals-Mets game, when was the last time two non pitchers pitched for the same team in the same game?

  3. Mr. Sparkle Says:

    I'm pretty sure that's sarcasm. Anyone in New York knows the Mets can hardly qualify as anywhere near awesome. Totally crappy, maybe. At least I hope it is for your sake if anyone is going to take anything you write seriously.

  4. Andy Says:

    Last week a reader accused me of having an anti-Mets bias so the last few times I have mentioned the Mets I have added a few sarcastic adjectives about how great they are.

  5. BalBurgh Says:

    I'll always remember Mario Mendoza (yes, THAT Mario Mendoza) pitching a couple of innings for the Pirates the same year (1977) as Tony Dungy (yes, THAT Tony Dungy) played a spot of QB for the Steelers. Man, the 70s were wild!

  6. Dan Mason Says:

    I'll say this, Bill Hall looked the part. Don't be shocked if he gets another call about versatility!