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Chisox: Where’s The “O”?

Posted by Steve Lombardi on May 24, 2010

Via's Play Index Batting Season Finder - teams this season with the most "regular" players (meaning "Qualified for league batting title" to date) with an OPS+ less than 101:

Rk Year Tm Lg #Matching  
1 2010 Chicago White Sox AL 6 Gordon Beckham / Juan Pierre / A.J. Pierzynski / Carlos Quentin / Alexei Ramirez / Mark Teahen
2 2010 Houston Astros NL 5 Michael Bourn / Pedro Feliz / Jeff Keppinger / Carlos Lee / Hunter Pence
3 2010 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim AL 4 Erick Aybar / Howie Kendrick / Hideki Matsui / Juan Rivera
4 2010 Colorado Rockies NL 4 Clint Barmes / Dexter Fowler / Carlos Gonzalez / Todd Helton
5 2010 Oakland Athletics AL 4 Rajai Davis / Kevin Kouzmanoff / Cliff Pennington / Adam Rosales
6 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 4 Ronny Cedeno / Akinori Iwamura / Andy LaRoche / Lastings Milledge
7 2010 Baltimore Orioles AL 3 Adam Jones / Miguel Tejada / Matt Wieters
8 2010 Chicago Cubs NL 3 Derrek Lee / Aramis Ramirez / Ryan Theriot
9 2010 New York Mets NL 3 Luis Castillo / Jeff Francoeur / Jose Reyes
10 2010 Seattle Mariners AL 3 Chone Figgins / Casey Kotchman / Jose Lopez
11 2010 Tampa Bay Rays AL 3 Jason Bartlett / Carlos Pena / B.J. Upton
12 2010 Toronto Blue Jays AL 3 Aaron Hill / Adam Lind / Lyle Overbay
13 2010 Atlanta Braves NL 2 Melky Cabrera / Nate McLouth
14 2010 Boston Red Sox AL 2 Victor Martinez / Marco Scutaro
15 2010 Cincinnati Reds NL 2 Orlando Cabrera / Drew Stubbs
16 2010 Cleveland Indians AL 2 Asdrubal Cabrera / Grady Sizemore
17 2010 Florida Marlins NL 2 Chris Coghlan / Cameron Maybin
18 2010 Kansas City Royals AL 2 Yuniesky Betancourt / Jason Kendall
19 2010 Milwaukee Brewers NL 2 Alcides Escobar / Rickie Weeks
20 2010 Minnesota Twins AL 2 Jason Kubel / Denard Span
21 2010 New York Yankees AL 2 Derek Jeter / Mark Teixeira
22 2010 San Diego Padres NL 2 Jerry Hairston / Chase Headley
23 2010 San Francisco Giants NL 2 Aaron Rowand / Pablo Sandoval
24 2010 St. Louis Cardinals NL 2 Yadier Molina / Skip Schumaker
25 2010 Washington Nationals NL 2 Ian Desmond / Nyjer Morgan
Rk Year Tm Lg #Matching  
26 2010 Detroit Tigers AL 1 Brandon Inge
27 2010 Los Angeles Dodgers NL 1 Russell Martin
28 2010 Philadelphia Phillies NL 1 Raul Ibanez
29 2010 Arizona Diamondbacks NL 0  
30 2010 Texas Rangers AL 0  
Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 5/24/2010.


Hey, isn't U.S. Cellular Field supposed to be a hitter's park?

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6 Responses to “Chisox: Where’s The “O”?”

  1. Djibouti Says:

    That 2 for the Indians is a bit deceiving because of the platooning they've been doing (and kind of funny that the 2 guys that register are now on the DL). In a position-by-position breakdown, they're hitting below 101 at C, 1B, 2B, SS, and CF.

    Cabrera's replacement at SS, Jason Donald has an OPS+ of -12 through 6 G

  2. Johnny Twisto Says:

    But OPS+ adjusts for the park, so in theory it doesn't matter whether it's a hitter's park or not.

    I'm pretty sure OPS+ and ERA+ numbers are based on old park factors right now, so any in-season numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

  3. The Astros would have been tied with the White Sox had they not released Kaz Matsui last week.

  4. Oops, maybe he didn't have enough AB...but every single player on their team except for Lance Berkman has an OPS+ below 101 so take your pick!

  5. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    (requiring onbase_plus_slugging_plus≤100 and Qualified for league batting title)

    Boy, is that misleading for the Padres, who have the third-worst team OPS+ in the National League. Chase Headley is right at 100, but Jerry Hairston has an OPS+ of 53. Meanwhile, the Padres' regular shortstop and center fielder, Everth Cabrera and Tony Gwynn, who just miss qualifying for the batting title due to injuries and inability to hit, respectively, have OPS+'s of 52 and 57.

  6. The Tigers have an all or nothing team right now. Cabrera, Damon, Ordonez, Jackson, Boesch and Guillen are all OPS+ 124 or better. Everybody else with any meaningful number of PA's is at OPS+ 85 or worse.