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News and notes

Posted by Andy on May 20, 2010

Looks like the share function on the Play Index is down right now so it's difficult to insert search results into posts.

So instead you'll have to settle for a bunch of links:

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15 Responses to “News and notes”

  1. Surly Duff Says:

    Hm. Nothing about the Mets' turning a triple play and hitting an inside-the-parker in the same game?

    I am detecting a distinct anti-Mets sentiment on this blog.

  2. Laugh. Nothing about that feat because the PI doesn't really let me search for anything related.

  3. The Mets suck, pure and simple. Too many players on that team with zero heart or pride for that matter.

  4. Now I happen to agree with JR but I don't go about posting with a specific bias against the Mets.

  5. I am neither a Mariners fan nor particularly impressed with Bradley; but I d applaud him {and the team} for this effort.

  6. Djibouti Says:

    After his meltdown on the mound last night, Wood melted down coming off the field and chucked his glove into the stands. My first thought (as a bitter and cynical Indians fan) was "Throw it back!" Wouldn't that have been the perfect symbol for this season, the home fans tossing a souvenir back onto the field.

  7. Surly Duff Says:

    Now I happen to agree with JR but I don't go about posting with a specific bias against the Mets.

    Thanks for admitting it and proving my point, Andy!

  8. Well I wouldn't say I am "anti-Mets." I think the Mets organization has a lot of problems mostly of their own doing. I think the team has a long way to go to be consistently competitive. So, I don't think very much of them, but I do not feel that I have a bias against them, nor do I go out of my way to invent negative stats about the team or ignore positive ones.

  9. Surly Duff Says:

    Laugh. Nothing about that feat because the PI doesn't really let me search for anything related.

    Yet, that didn't stop you from posting about Milton Bradley or the Padres' playoff chances, neither of which have anything to do with your precious PI!

    You are a Mets-hater, pure and simple, and it shows!

  10. Well, Surly, I for one like the Mets -- although I have to admit, I was more of a fan back when Casey Stengell was running {?} the show. And as for the Mets "organizational problems", what can you say? They're from New York, whih automatically puts them at a well-defined disadvantage.

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  12. DoubleDiamond Says:

    I saw something about there being both a triple play and an inside-the-park home run, hit by someone who was one of the fielders in that triple play, in a Mets game either this afternoon or last night, and I came here to see if anyone had written about it.

    Well, obviously the team that turned the triple play didn't lose 12-0. Twice in the 2000s, a team that lost a 12-0 game avoided more damage by turning a triple play. Both times, the losing team was the home team, so the winning team had 9 offensive innings. Actually, in one of these games, the triple play was turned in the top of the first in a 0-0 game. But the home team's momentum didn't carry through the rest of the game. Aaron Rowand watched both of these triple plays from center field.

  13. I'm seeing similarities between Bradley and Jose Guillen, another supposed "bad boy."

    The one year Jose played for Seattle, he was an angel. A true gamer who helped lay down the law in the clubhouse. His presence was seriously missed when Seattle let him leave.

    Bradley is an extremely intense person. He takes the game seriously, and his biggest problem seems to be never having learned how to handle failure.

    Even when he caused such a ruckus over leaving a game midway, he came back the next morning and gave an enthralling presentation to a group of elementary school kids, then asked the club for help.

    When he is free of his inner demons, he is such a bright light. His enthusiasm is contagious, and lifts the club whenever he does well.

    Milton may have finally found a home. With the help and support of truly great guys like Mike Sweeney, Milton is poised to have a great rest of the year.

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  15. Butch Cassidy Says:

    ...a joke, still.