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TK note #7: 4-K games

Posted by Andy on March 28, 2008

This is the final Tim Kurkjian note from his recent book. Thanks to a reader out there who pointed out that I misspelled his name in several posts--those have now been fixed.

TK noted that Rob Deer had 17 games with 4 or more strikeouts. Here are the career leaders:

                   Games Link to Individual Games
 Reggie Jackson       23 Ind. Games
 Bo Jackson           19 Ind. Games
 Sammy Sosa           17 Ind. Games
 Rob Deer             17 Ind. Games
 Jose Canseco         16 Ind. Games
 Jim Thome            15 Ind. Games
 Dave Kingman         15 Ind. Games
 Andres Galarraga     15 Ind. Games
 Dick Allen           15 Ind. Games
 Reggie Sanders       14 Ind. Games
 Ray Lankford         14 Ind. Games
 Bobby Bonds          14 Ind. Games
 Cory Snyder          13 Ind. Games
 Jay Buhner           13 Ind. Games
 Lance Parrish        12 Ind. Games
 Pete Incaviglia      12 Ind. Games
 Tony Clark           12 Ind. Games

Reggie Jackson had a stranglehold on this record at one point, but Sosa might catch him if he can find a team to play for. Thome and Reggie Sanders might have a shot too.

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5 Responses to “TK note #7: 4-K games”

  1. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Good effort by Bo Knows, in only 694 career games.

    It's unlikely that anyone prior to 1956 would make this list. Maybe Vince DiMaggio, Dolph Camilli, or Hank Greenberg? Only 7 players before 1956 had multiple 100-K seasons. 350 players have done it since then, and without checking, I'm guessing everyone on the above list has.

  2. Danny Wind Says:

    The list of players with the most 5-strikeout games is interesting too:

    Ray Lankford had three 5-K games in 1998. Sammy Sosa is the only other player since 1956 to have as many as three such games in his *career.*

  3. Johnny Twisto Says:

    I didn't realize Dick Allen struck out so much. He's before my time, but I think of Gary Sheffield as being a modern-day comp, in many ways. But Sheffield strikes out very little for a modern power hitter. Never more than 83 times in a season. One 4-K game, 19 3-K games. (Sosa has 121 3-K games, the most of anyone since 1956 and almost certainly ever.)

  4. David in Toledo Says:

    So the question came to mind, what players who have been in at least 1000 games have collected more career strikeouts than games played?

    I put in variables for strikeouts and games played and then eyeballed the list of 214. I think there are only three players: Jose Canseco, Jim Thome, and Rob Deer. (Pete Incaviglia misses by 7 SO's.) Several other current players are pretty close. . . .

  5. David in Toledo Says:

    So then I went to the index to see what batters had been at least 500 games, with more strikeouts than games played? Of course, Bo Jackson would lead this list. And there are four others: Adam Dunn, Brad Wilkerson, Russell Branyan, and Dave Nicholson.

    What about pitchers, I wondered. As batters, don't they strike out a lot?