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Two players with 5+ hits in the same game

Posted by Andy on May 16, 2010

On Friday, Andrew McCutchen and Garrett Jones of the Pirates each had 5 hits in the same game. That's doesn't happen too often. Here are the last 10 occurrences:

Tm Opp Date #Matching
PIT CHC 2010-05-14 2
TEX BAL 2009-04-15 2
STL NYM 2008-07-26 2
PHI LAD 2007-07-17 2
SFG CIN 2005-08-16 2
ANA SEA 1999-06-24 2
ATL COL 1999-04-18 2
NYY BAL 1996-05-01 2
CHW MIN 1995-09-23 2
MIL TOR 1992-08-28 2
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As a matter of fact, the database shows four games where THREE different players got 5 hits for the same team:

Rk Tm Opp Date #Matching
1 WSH CLE 1933-05-16 3
2 NYG PHI 1923-06-01 3
3 CLE PHA 1932-07-10 3
4 CHW PHA 1936-09-11 3
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I don't know if it was accomplished during the missing years of 1940-1951 but it hasn't happened since then.

As you can see from the list at the top of the post, for 4 straight years we've had a game where teammates got at least 5 hits. Other than the missing years when it might have happened, the last time we can see for sure was 1930-1933. In addition to the 3-teammate games shown above here were the other games from that period to feature teammates:

Tm Opp Date #Matching
WSH SLB 1933-06-19 2
PHA CLE 1932-07-10 2
PHA DET 1931-05-21 2
NYG PHI 1930-07-10 2
CHC BSN 1930-06-04 2
STL CHC 1930-05-16 2
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Finally, out of all these games, here are the only ones where each 5-hit performance included a home run:

Rk Tm Opp Date #Matching
2 PIT CHC 2010-05-14 2
3 ANA SEA 1999-06-24 2
4 NYY BAL 1996-05-01 2
5 PIT ATL 1970-08-01 2
6 PHA BOS 1929-05-01 2
7 CIN PHI 1925-05-22 2
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McCutchen and Jones did it on Friday.

10 Responses to “Two players with 5+ hits in the same game”

  1. Derek B. Says:

    It should be pointed out that in the Yankees-Orioles game in '96, the players with 5 hits both had the same last name (Bernie & Gerald Williams).

  2. Morten Jonsson Says:

    In that game in 1933 when three Senators had five hits, one of them was Cecil Travis. He was nineteen years old, and it was his first major league game.

  3. Morten Jonsson Says:

    The Cleveland-Philadelphia game in 1932 went eighteen innings. Five players in all had five or more hits, led by Johnny Burnett of the Indians, who had nine. That's the record. The Indians lost. Eddie Rommel, who gave up twenty-nine hits (eight of them by Burnett) and fourteen runs in seventeen innings of relief, got the win. It was his last major league win.

  4. David Schultz Says:

    The 8-28-92 game was Milwaukee's 31 hit barrage against Toronto. The Brewers infield set an MLB record with most hits in one game by an infield with 18. Listach 4, Gantner 2, Jaha 2, Seitzer 5 and Fletcher 5.

  5. Dave Says:

    Just for the heck of it:
    How can I find a report of most consecutive games for a team having a player get 2+ hits in a game?
    Not the whole team and not a specific player but any player for a team...

  6. Gerry Says:

    Most players with 6 hits in a game: 2, Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh, 12 Sept 1883, and Baltimore vs St Louis 3 Sept 1897.

    Most players with 5 or more hits in a game: 4, Philadelphia vs Louisville, 17 Aug 1894. AL record: 3, Detroit vs Washington, 30 July 1917, and the three games from the 1930s already listed by Andy. The 1933 game was 12 innings.

  7. Raphy Says:

    Dave- I don't think PI can do that yet. I put in a request for the exact same thing just a few days ago.

  8. Dann M Says:

    I actually had the (dis)pleasure of seeing this Cubs/Pirates game in person. I kept a scorecard and have never seen anything visually like it. The Pirates as a team had 10 runs on 16 hits, but the other 15 Pirates who wreaked havoc on said scorecard amassed only 3 runs on 6 hits. There were numbers and scratches all over that half of the card, sure, but then there were those adjacent two solid rows of filled-in graphite diamonds.

    Not only did Jones and McCutchen each have 5 hits. They also accounted for 7 runs scored and 7 runs batted in. McCutchen stole 2 bases. They had 17 total bases combined. McCutchen stole 2 bases and walked once. As a Cubs fan, losing that game was terrible. But watching two hitters so keyed in at the same time was pretty amazing. They saw 49 combined pitches, and never did it look like they were going to be retired.

    And another fun little fact from that game: in a 10-6 game, with 11 plate appearances combined, neither team's leadoff spot reached base. Iwamura was 0-6, Theriot 0-4, and Fukudome PH 0-1.

  9. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    In that 1970 Pirates-Braves game, Bob Robertson and Willie Stargell got their five hits out of the fifth and sixth spots in the batting order, and José Pagán, batting seventh, got four hits. The three of them hit back-to-back-to-back homers in the seventh inning. Stargell had two homers and three doubles. Final score: Pirates 20, Braves 10. Hank Aaron homered twice for the Braves. Man, 1970 was such a nutty high-offense year, especially compared with 1968.

  10. JDV Says:

    At the end of that '32 game, Jimmie Foxx was hitting .383 / 33 HR / 101 RBI. Nice season. It was July 10.