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Why did the chicken cross the pitcher’s mound?

Posted by Andy on May 9, 2010

So Dallas Braden could pitch a perfect game, of course.

5 Responses to “Why did the chicken cross the pitcher’s mound?”

  1. Adamrr Says:

    Just proves how irrelevant the A's are that A-Rod becomes the center of a story about an A's pitcher throwing a perfect game

  2. Andy Says:

    In fairness to the A's I am posting on my phone where it is difficult to incorporate stats so I could only post the joke that came to mind. I plan on writing a proper post tonight or tomorrow provided that Raphy doesn't beat me to it.

  3. Thomas Says:

    I, along with seemingly everyone else, don't see what the big deal is.

    I recently went to a Cardinals game when they were in Philly (this past week) and Pujols literally "walked across the mound" the way A-Rod did in 4 different innings. I kid you not.....

  4. statboy Says:

    Thomas, when did Pujols do it? On his way to the dugout at the end of an inning? On his way to his position? If so, I don't even think Braden would care if someone did that.

  5. Drexel Gal Says:

    Now we have a perfect game on Mothers' Day, to go with the one on Fathers' Day in 1964 (Senator Jim Bunning).