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10 for 10: #5 Player Newsfeeds

Posted by Sean Forman on April 27, 2010

This is the fifth of ten features we are adding for our 10th anniversary.

I've managed to put out most of the fires from the start of the season, so I am once again back on our 10 for 10 project. Number five is a stream of player news now found at the top of the pages for active players. By default, we show the last four reports we have with a tooltip allowing you to see more if you desire. See Jacoby Ellsbury for a sample.

Our news comes from a couple of sources:

1) Tim Dierkes and MLB Trade Rumors
2) KFFL's Hot off the Wire
3) A feed of injury data we receive, and
4) our Blog, which isn't quite hard news, but does have interesting content related to the players.

That's it so far, but if you are a blogger or run a site, you may want to check out this post as you can very easily add your own content to our feeds as well.

We are working to integrate this into different areas of the site, so your suggestions are always welcome. For our next update, I hope to launch #6 sometime next week.

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One Response to “10 for 10: #5 Player Newsfeeds”

  1. Mike Gaber Says:

    When I clicked on the:
    "Tom Dierkes and MLB Trade Rumors"

    Then on the Blog, clicked the Link for Mike Stanton
    Instead of getting the Mike Stanton that the author probably wanted me to see, I was presented with the Search Results Page and then had to select between the 2 Ex MLB Mike Stanton's or the current Mike Stanton in the Minors.

    Same with Ryan Howard: The current MLB player or the Minor League player last played in 2007.
    I would think it could be refined so the reader doesn't have to make a choice.