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Have a Blog? Add your Posts to our Player Newsfeeds

Posted by Sean Forman on April 27, 2010

Automatic Player Linker / Statistical Sharing / Add your Blog/Site to our Newsfeeds

It has been a few weeks since the season started and I've found the time to return to our 10 for 10 anniversary celebration. We've added Newsfeeds to our active player pages. We've also added a linking tool that makes it very straightforward for you to add links to a player's Baseball Reference page from your blog posts or news stories.

Our new linking tool is a javascript bookmarklet that has a couple of interesting applications.

1) If you are typing in a supported blogging or bulletin board tool, clicking the bookmarklet will take the text you've typed in and wrap every active player's name with a link to their Baseball Reference page. Supported tools include WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, phpBB, invision, and a couple of others. I'm happy to add more if a tool you use is not currently supported.
2) If you are on a web page with player names in the text. Select the text with your mouse, click the bookmarklet and we'll add links to Baseball Reference pages for the player names that appear in the selected text.

Please see the linker page for full instructions and an area to test the bookmarklet.

I know our bloggers and I find this feature is pretty handy, but if you are a site owner you may want something in return for linking to Ken Griffey and Casey Kotchman's Baseball Reference pages from your review of last night's Mariners' game. I agree, and we've added a feature to return the link back to you.

If you've been on the site the last few days you've noticed that some player pages now have a "Player News" section just above the player's stats. If you are a blog owner or author, you can use our linker to automatically have your articles added to relevant player pages. If you tag your player names with links to our site, and we can find those links in your RSS feed, we'll then add a link to your article on the player's page. For example, this MLB Trade Rumors story on Ian Stewart is now showing up at the top of our Ian Stewart news section.

Please read this description of the service and what we need from you to get started seeing your content linked from player pages.

We will also link to articles that present statistics using our Statistical Sharing Tool.

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4 Responses to “Have a Blog? Add your Posts to our Player Newsfeeds”

  1. Hello:

    We'd like to use your bookmarklet to automatically convert players names to links to your stats pages. this would be very useful to our readers.

    We are currently using joomla. Can you tell me if that is supported with the tool?



  2. This is a great new feature. Thanks Sean.

  3. Jason,

    Shoot me an e-mail at

  4. Hi Sean. This tool looks great but as you probably know, here at the Baseball in Wartime website and blog, we focus on players from the 1930s and 1940s. Are there plans for this tool to include those players at some point?