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A pair of aces?

Posted by Andy on April 5, 2010

Whoa. That was quite a start to the season. Who would have thought that in a game started by Josh Beckett and CC Sabathia, the most important pitches would be thrown by Scott Schoeneweis and Chan Ho Park?

Both pitchers had pretty poor command, in my opinion, with each guy throwing at least 40 pitches that were called balls. Now each guy goes into his next start with an ERA over 8.00. Neither starter exceeded 5.1 IP and both allowed 5 ER.

Here are the previous occasions (within the years included in the Game Finder searches) in which both starting pitchers failed to go more than 5.1 innings and allowed at least 5 earned runs, limited to just the first game of the year for each team:

Rk Tm Opp Date #Matching
1 COL ARI 2009-04-06 2
2 CHW CLE 2008-03-31 2
3 CHC CIN 2006-04-03 2
4 ATL LAD 2006-04-03 2
5 SDP COL 2005-04-04 2
6 TOR BOS 2002-04-01 2
7 CHC FLA 1998-03-31 2
8 OAK MIL 1994-04-05 2
9 DET BOS 1994-04-04 2
10 MON CIN 1987-04-06 2
11 LAD HOU 1983-04-05 2
12 HOU CIN 1978-04-06 2
13 BOS MIL 1974-04-05 2
14 MIN CLE 1964-04-14 2
15 PIT SFG 1961-04-11 2
16 CHC CIN 1938-04-19 2
17 NYY BOS 1926-04-13 2
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Generated 4/5/2010.

Counting last night's game,the Red Sox have now been involved in 5 of the 18 such games from 1920-1939 and 1952-2010. They are followed by the Reds with 4 such games and the Cubs with 3 (including 2 games between these latter two opponents.)

One Response to “A pair of aces?”

  1. DavidRF Says:

    I like the fact that all the leaderboards have been updated this morning. More first week small-sample-size fun than usual.

    Joba Chamberlain is the league's youngest player for a day and Swisher and Granderson are still young enough to make the top ten.

    Chamberlain's 6.75 ERA gives him an ERA+ of 130 - for today at least.