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Find Franchises with Most of Something – Play Index

Posted by Sean Forman on March 29, 2010

I've added another grouping option to the Batting and Pitching Season Finders, so you can now find things like the franchises with the most players with 2,000 hits.

To run this, set the option in the top yellow box to "Find Teams with Players Matching Criteria (career)" and then set your criteria to match in the lower right hand corner (in my case H >= 2,000). Enjoy.

I also fixed a number of bugs in the play index, so let me know if there are still things you find rattling around.

4 Responses to “Find Franchises with Most of Something – Play Index”

  1. Dave Says:

    I do a "Spanning Multiple Seasons or entire Careers, From 1871 to 2009, (requiring H>=3000), sorted by greatest number of players matching criteria"
    I get the Tigers with 2 players (which is correct) but Cobb also played with another club.

    If I try a "franchise played for =1" with the above parameters, I get nothing even though the list gives 12 other clubs.

  2. Gerry Says:

    Interesting that the Brewers have more 2000-hit guys than the Indians and Athletics combined, when those two franchises both go back to 1901.

  3. Sean Forman Says:


    Cobb should be on the list as he got 3,000 hits with JUST the Tigers.

  4. JDV Says:

    It seems that Dave's second query should yield Kaline, but not Cobb, but instead yielded neither.