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10 for 10: #1 Pete Palmer DB & SABR Datasets

Posted by Sean Forman on March 19, 2010

This is the first of ten features we are adding for our 10th anniversary.

A month or so ago, I changed the underlying database for the statistics on the site. The site now relies on Pete Palmer's database for full season stats and team totals. Pete is a giant in the sabermetric community and was recently honored by inclusion in the inaugural class of SABR's Chadwick Award. His work is the basis for Total Baseball and the ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia. I am certain that his numbers are the most accurate representation of baseball history.

The site also is now updated with the Biographical and Minor League dataset from SABR much more regularly. On a weekly basis, the latest version of the SABR Biographical Committee's work (so our necrology data will be updated much more regularly), and SABR Minor League Committee's DB are incorporated into the site. You can follow the improvements to the minor league database on SABR's website. I generally incorporate these changes 3-6 days after the notes are posted there.

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  1. There's a small typo. "The site also is not updated" should read "now" instead of "not".