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Tough trivia

Posted by Andy on December 31, 2007

Here is a very tough trivia question.

In 2007, eight pitchers achieved a particular feat. Those eight were Jay Bergman, Dave Borkowski, Matt Chico, Tom Gorzelanny, Bobby Howry, Colby Lewis, Russ Ortiz, and Johan Santana.

Your job is to figure out what it is that these eight did.

That's all you get--no hints, other than the fact that you probably need to use the PI to figure this out (but not necessarily.) You post your ideas or questions, and I'll think about giving some hints.

The first person to post the correct answer wins...well...a hearty congratulations from me.

10 Responses to “Tough trivia”

  1. OscarAzocar Says:

    Does it have anything to do with the Mets (whom they all pitched against)?

  2. Andy Says:

    Firstly, the fact that Oscar doesn't already know the answer makes me feel good. I actually had a fear when I posted this that he'd already know or would figure it out quickly. I already feel like a winner, now! 🙂

    The answer is no, the Mets are not really involved in the answer, i.e. the fact that they all pitched against the Mets is not what I was looking for, nor does each guy pitching against the Mets have anything to do with it.

  3. OscarAzocar Says:

    Can you tell us which PI tool would be used to solve this?

  4. Andy Says:

    Pitching Game Finder. So, it's not a stat that has to do with season-long stats. Also, above, where I use the word "feat", that isn't supposed to mean it could be viewed as positive or negative. Indeed, for some of the eight it was positive and for others it was negative.

  5. OscarAzocar Says:

  6. Andy Says:

    Oscar's got the answer...feel free to check it out, or continue to try to figure it out on your own.

  7. OscarAzocar Says:

    In August Adam Eaton became the fourth player since 1957 to double the feat.

  8. Andy Says:

    That's incredible, and sort of amazing that he only gave up 6 runs in the process. The triples were back-to-back.

    Looks like you and I are the only ones who care about this particular topic, Oscar.

  9. OscarAzocar Says:

    Ron Mahay was given a hold and a win in that game. Shouldn't he lose the hold once he's awarded the win? I assume that if he had finished the game he wouldn't get the save and the win.

  10. OscarAzocar Says: only counts it as a win ,not a hold. The season totals also reflect this (acc. mlb Mahay had 6 holds with the Braves and according to PI Mahay had 7 games for the Braves in which he recorded a hold).

    This difference would occur whenever a reliever is awarded a win in place of a starter who didn't qualify.
    This has happened 2093 times since 1957!