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10 for 10: Anniversary Features

Posted by Sean Forman on March 19, 2010 has been around a long time. Ten years now. In honor of the occasion, I am launching ten new features for 2010. They are listed below and you can click on the links to read a rundown of what I've done. I've only knocked a couple off the list, but I'll be tracking my progress here and this post will be linked to in the site's top header, so you can check back anytime. I expect to finish before the All-Star break (maybe sooner).

10 for 10 Features

  1. Pete Palmer Database, the SABR Bio Committee DB and the SABR MILB DB updates
  2. 1920-1939, 1952 & 1953 RetroSheet Data and improvements to the box score, split and gamelogs.
  3. Player Uniform Numbers
  4. Win Expectancy and Run Expectancy
  5. Player Newsfeeds
  6. Advanced Fielding Stats and Leaderboards
  7. Player Wins Above Replacement
  8. Player Photos, pre-1960
  9. Gamelogs, Box Scores and Splits for 1920-Yesterday
  10. MLB Contracts, MLB Agent, Player Service Time, and Historical Salaries

I hope you enjoy the new features. As always please let us know if you have suggestions, find errors, or have comments either here or via our feedback form

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