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44 Year Old Relief Pitchers

Posted by Chris J. on June 26, 2007

OK, I admit this is a little late, but what the hell.

Recently Roger Clemens made his first relief appearance since Gorbachev (remember him?) took power in the Soviet Union (remember that?) He did it at age 44. How many others pitched in relief at that age?

Simple to figure: go to Pitcher Season Finder, and say you want to find for relievers 44. (that's in the left column, towards the bottom - set both from & to at age 44) from 1876-2001. Turns out the Rocket is one of the 20 men to come out of the bullpen at that age. A lot of greats on that list, and some guy named Diomedes Olivo, whoever the hell he was.

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One Response to “44 Year Old Relief Pitchers”

  1. I heard that he became the pitcher with the longest time in between relief appearances. Steve Carlton previously held the record.