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Free Baseball Stats for your E-Reader

Posted by Sean Forman on January 12, 2010

Baseball-Reference Blog ยป The Baseball Reference Player Folio on your E-Reader

Teaming with John Burnson of Heater Magazine we've produced a set of Encyclopedia files specifically formatted for the Kindle. The files are plain pdf files, so they should work in other settings as well. We hope you enjoy the downloads.

4 Responses to “Free Baseball Stats for your E-Reader”

  1. cubbies Says:

    these are actually the greatest pdf files of all time. im in love with this.

  2. rootbeersoup Says:

    These files are really big. I wish they can be separated into more, smaller files. My Adobe Reader crashes when it tries to search for a player's name.

  3. Sean Forman Says:


    Do the 2009 and Greatest crash or the AtoH ones?

  4. rootbeersoup Says:

    The 2009 one did fine, although I never downloaded that particular file, I only clicked to view it. I would test it again, but the files are now gone, lol.

    The 3 main files made it super slow and made it crash. Also tried putting these on my Blackberry as a way to view historical stats while I'm out and about, but the files are just too large for it to even open. If only they could be separated into more files, like 1 file per letter, I'm sure it would work perfectly.

    Although, I'm not sure how e-readers handle the large files, so maybe I should shut up because I don't even have one, lol!