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PI Tag – II

Posted by Raphy on December 30, 2009

Seems to be a slow day here in December. Lets try a little PI Tag.

Question 1:

Which player hit a triple in each of his first 2 major league plate appearances and then never again? (Can't be answered with a single PI link, but it can be found in several different ways using PI)

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11 Responses to “PI Tag – II”

  1. I'm not sure, the closest I could come was Dan Rohn.

  2. Oh wait nevermind, it was John Sipin. And I only found it through one link, by seeing the most triples in their first game ever and then seeing which of them never hit another one.

    Next question:

    Who has the 186th most hits through their team's first 81 games of the season in games their team won while playing at either Coors Field, the Astrodome, or the Ballpark At Disney and batting lefthanded and batting first in the order.

  3. Note: Those 81 games are cumulitive, not just one game within the first 81.

  4. ImAShark3: sounds like more than one link to me - first link: PI for mos triples in their first game, then multiple subsequent links to check each player with 2 Triples' career totals.

    Secondly, your queastion doesn't make sense to me. Are you asking that if you listed all the left-handed leadoff hitters whose teams played their home games at Coors, the 'Dome, or Disney, and ranked them in order of how many hits they had through their teams' first 81 games, who ranks 186th on the list? That's a ridiculous question. Who cares? I don't even care who ranks 186th on the all-time hits list of left-handed leadoff hitters, let alone restricting it to three select parks and a half a season! If that's not what your question intended, please rephrase it to make your intent clearer.

  5. John Sipin is correct!
    Since you failed to provide a reasonable question, here is the official question 2:

    Which player has had the most seasons with a batting average of .500 or higher?

  6. DoubleDiamond Says:

    What's the Ballpark at Disney? Is that the current name for the place that has been known by a few different ones, both formal and informal, over the years, including Edison Field and The Big A? Actually, my first thought was the spring training home of the Braves within the Walt Disney World Complex in Florida and wondered how this fit into a question that appears to cover major league activity. And I even started wondering if the Braves or some other team had played any neutral site regular season games there.

  7. DoubleDiamond your initial thought was correct.

    "Champion Stadium is a 9,500 seat baseball stadium located at Disney's Wide World of Sports in the Walt Disney World Resort[1]. The stadium was built in 1997. It is the spring training home of the Atlanta Braves[2] and is the home for the Rookie-league GCL Braves. The stadium has a capacity of 9,500 including seating in the berm area. It features four luxury boxes and two open-air party suites....

    During most of 2007, it was referred to as The Ballpark at Disney's Wide World of Sports. ...

    The stadium hosted its first regular season MLB games from May 15-17, 2007 season when the Texas Rangers played the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in a three-game series. The three games drew a total of 26,917 fans, and attendance went up each game. In April 2008, the Rays moved another series, this time against against the Toronto Blue Jays, to Orlando.[3] The Rays won all three games both years they visited Champion Stadium."

  8. I'm guessing...Mike Stanton had 5 seasons with a batting average over .500

  9. Mike Stanton it is!

    Rk Yrs From To Age
    1 Mike Stanton 5 1991 2004 24-37
    2 Roger Clemens 4 1996 2007 33-44
    3 Terry Forster 4 1972 1984 20-32
    4 Brad Woodall 3 1994 1999 25-30
    Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 12/30/2009.
  10. Who is the only player to have at least 20 of each type of extra-base hit in a season AND 150 of each type of extra-base hit in a career.

  11. The commenter formerly known as ImAShark3 (and ImAShark and ImAShark2) correctly answered Dave's question as Jim Bottomley.