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Worst Game Scores for Victorious Team

Posted by Chris J. on June 7, 2007

On Tuesday June 5, the Toronto Blue Jays pulled off a stunning 12-11 victory over the Devil Rays. (Well, to the extent that any victory over Tampa can be called stunning). They did this despite team ace Roy Halladay getting rocked for 12 hits, 8 runs (7 earned) while recording only 10 outs. His game score was a meager 6.

What are the worst game scores since 1957 for a victorious team. Well, that's what PI's Pitching Game Log Finder can do for you.

First, go the the Game Log Finder page. Next, in the left column on the page, click on "W" for the Team result category (it just says team, but it's team result). Then, over at the

right column, where it says, "Select Additional Criteria Games Must Match," sort for Game Score less than or equal to 6 (Halladay's score). Then, in the yellow box in the right column, set the sorter for game score, and click off on the ascending order option.

Turns out that's only the third time in the last half-century a team won when it's starting pitcher sucked that badly.

Here's the results you'd get.

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