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RESULTS: 2007 World Series Challenge: Game 4

Posted by Andy on October 29, 2007

Well, it's all over folks. The World Series, the 2007 baseball season, and of course, the B-R SOTD 2007 World Series Challenge.

First let's look at Game 4:

  • Cook had a game score of 50--really pretty good all things considered. Nobody got it exactly but lukemeister was closest at 49. Average guess was a pretty close 43.4.
  • Colorado scored 3 runs. The average guess was 5, but lukemeister nailed it at 3.
  • Colorado LOB was 7, with an average guess of 8.2. Kingturtle got it exactly, as did Dre17.
  • Colorado Home Run Guess - several people got Atkins.
  • Lester had a game score of 63--quite impressive all things considered. You all thought he'd do worse and gave him an average of 46.4. ImAShark was closest with a 59.
  • Boston scored 4 times, with an average guess of 5.6. Truman got it exactly.
  • Boston LOB was only 3, with an average guess of 9.2. The guesses went up after Boston left so many runners on earlier in the series. Lukemeister was by far the closest with a guess of 5.
  • Boston managed two homers this game, but nobody guessed either correctly.

The average score for this game was just 90, by far the lowest of all 4 games. You guys got better and better as we went along, it seems.

The leaderboard for Game 4 is quite interesting:

1. Dre17 - 37 points
2. kingturtle - 46
3. ImAShark - 48
4. lukemeister - 53
5. doug730 - 7 1

Firstly, I'm happy to see kingturtle finally make the top 5. He made a lot of correct guesses through the whole competition but didn't put it all together until this game. Secondly, lukemeister got 4th without guessing either pitching decision correctly. Had he guessed Lester/Cook correctly, he would have had a 13, by far the lowest score of the entire Challenge. (Everybody else on this leaderboard got the pitchers right, and did much poorer in everything else than lukemeister.)

With Dre17 winning for the third time, I think there is very little drama in the final standings:

1. Dre17 - 247 points
2. doug730 - 311
3. larryhisle - 385
4. kingturtle - 413
5. zimcity - 419
6. spartanbill - 429
7. lukemeister - 450
8. truman - 455
9. wellspr - 460

You folks are the only 9 to complete all four games, and I listed everybody because you're all winners. Everybody else who had a bad game or two dropped out, and would have finished with much worse scores. So, no joke, I really think all 9 of you did really well. Some just did a little better 🙂

So, congrats to Dre17. Now, with that email address of yours, will you finally tell us if you are, indeed, former major leaguer Paul Assenmacher?

Thanks to everybody for participating!

Don't stop reading the SOTD blog just because the season is over. We'll continue to bring you nuggets from the Play Index all throughout the winter. In fact, now is a good time to email a few of your friends about this blog so they can also keep warm during the hot stove months ahead.

11 Responses to “RESULTS: 2007 World Series Challenge: Game 4”

  1. Dre17 Says:

    Sorry to disappoint, but I think my relation to Paul is pretty removed. I think at one point we decided that he is a 2nd cousin of my Dad.

    Anyway, great contest... had a lot of fun with it and surprised I did so well.

    Keep up the great work

  2. spartanbill Says:

    Congrats to Dre, and also for Doug and larry for bringing in the silver and bronze.

    Also, thanks to Andy for administering the contest, I am already looking forward to the contest picking up in the Spring.

    Does anyone know the Park Factors offhand for Joker Marchant Stadium?

  3. Andy Says:

    I can't even imagine what the park factors would look like for spring training stadiums!

  4. budcrew08 Says:

    How did I do in Game 4? I really wish I had participated in Game 1.

  5. Andy Says:

    You tied for 10th in Game 4. Among those who played Games 2, 3, and 4, you came in 7th. (Dre17 is still first but a lot of other folks moved up or down.)

  6. budcrew08 Says:

    Thanks, Andy. This is one hell of a blog you got here. It'll definitely help to tide me over until spring training. 94 days until pitchers and catchers report!

  7. kingturtle Says:

    This was fun. Congrats to everyone who participated. I thoroughly enjoy this blog.

  8. doug730 Says:

    Great job, Dre...this was a lot of fun. I've been a lurker on this site for a long time and just 'joined' for this contest. Thanks for creating it Andy!

    I hope to get in on the posting in the future - like you guys, I'm a stat nut and can never get enough of looking at baseball from new angles.

  9. Yuri Says:

    If you will, what was my total score for games 2-4.

    I would've done better had I not picked the Rockies to -- y'know, win a game.

    Anyways, congrats to the winners, and thanks to Andy for putting it together. It was fun~

  10. Andy Says:

    Yeah Yuri, you got slammed pretty hard in Games 3 and 4. You finished with 355 points, actually in last place among 12 folks who played Games 2, 3, and 4.

    All who said thanks are most certainly welcome. It's my pleasure to run these little events, and it's YOU FOLKS who contribute who make it all happen. So thanks to you.

  11. lukemeister Says:

    Thanks, Andy. I second Yuri's comment. Living in the Denver area, I thought there was no chance that the Rockies would be swept.