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RESULTS: 2007 World Series Challenge: Game 2

Posted by Andy on October 26, 2007

Well, that game was just a bit more competitive and interesting...

Let's jump right in:

  • The average score dropped from 139 for Game 1 to 104 for Game 2. As with Game 1, nobody got the Home Run Guess for either team correct, given that no homers were hit in Game 2!
  • Jiminez got a game score of 47, and several people got very close, including kingturtle and doug730 who got it exactly. The average guess for all of you was 45--kudos!
  • Schilling got a game score of 58, with truman coming closest at 56. In fact, truman missed both game scores (Schilling and Jiminez) by just 2 each, which is very impressive. The average Schilling game score guess was 53, also quite close.
  • Colorado scored 1 run. Nobody got it exactly but larryhisle and budcrew08 were closest with 2. Average was 4.8.
  • Boston scored 2 runs. Newcomer Yuri nailed it with nobody else closer than 2 runs off. Average guess was 6.1
  • Colorado left 5 men on base (for the second game in a row) and wellspr got that right, with a few others very close. Average guess was 7.3.
  • Boston left 12 men on base (also for the second game in a row) and RonBermuda was closest with 11. Average guess was 8.4.
  • For the winning and losing pitchers, many folks got Schilling as the winner and Jiminez as the loser. Again, those who did worst for Game 2 missed the pitchers of record. (In retrospect, I made this worth too many points.)

So here are the top 5 finishers for Game 2:

1. wellspr- 38
2. budcrew08 - 69
3. larryhisle - 74
4. Yuri - 82
5. truman - 85

A couple of new folks, Yuri and budcrew08, made the Game 2 leaderboard but they are not eligible for the overall championship since they didn't participate in Game 1.

With that in mind, here is the overall leaderboard for Games 1 and 2:

1. larryhisle - 167
2. Dre17 - 182
3. zimcity- 196
4. doug730- 209
5. truman - 218

Those of you not appearing on this leaderboard should not be discouraged. The person in 10th place right now is only about 100 points behind first place, which is by no means insurmountable. I'm not listing it just because I don't want to embarrass anybody, but basically everybody still has a chance. (By the way, had I filled out ballots myself, I would be close to last place...)

Thanks for playing, and please look for the Game 3 entry form later today. I've got to go do some real work for a bit.

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2 Responses to “RESULTS: 2007 World Series Challenge: Game 2”

  1. Hey, I got first and Im still not in the top 5! My first game score was horrible.

  2. Yes...I noticed that. You are currently 7th with 254 points.