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11 Runs on 1 Hit With 3 Runners Left On Base

Posted by Raphy on November 16, 2009

According to the PI Pitching Event Finder (using multiple searches) there have been only 2 games since 1954 which featured at least 6 bases loaded walks. One of them involved 6 bases loaded walks in the first 2 innings. The other included an inning that is hard to imagine.

April 22, 1959

Heading into 7th inning in their game against the A's, the White Sox only held a small 8-6 lead. However, they had no reason to worry. In the 7th the White Sox  would score  11 runs on 1 hit. That inning would feature a single, two players reaching on errors (plus an additional error), a base-loaded hit batsman, and 10 walks;  8 of them with the bases loaded. Although their lone single made it into RF, Chicago's three outs never even made it past the pitcher. Here is the play by play:

Top of the 7th, White Sox Batting, Ahead 8-6, Athletics' Tom Gorman facing 5-6-7
Tom Gorman replaces Preston Ward (PH) pitching and batting 9th
t7 0 --- 2% 84% 8-6 CHW R. Boone T. Gorman Reached on E6 (throw) (Ground Ball); Boone to 1B
t7 0 1-- 3% 88% 8-6 CHW A. Smith T. Gorman Reached on E5/Sacrifice Bunt; Boone to 2B
t7 0 12- RR 9% 97% 8-6 CHW J. Callison T. Gorman Single to RF (Line Drive); Boone Scores/unER; Smith Scores/Adv on E9/unER; Callison to 3B
t7 0 --3 1% 97% 10-6 CHW L. Aparicio T. Gorman Walk
t7 0 1-3 0% 97% 10-6 CHW B. Shaw T. Gorman Aparicio Steals 2B
t7 0 -23 0% 97% 10-6 CHW B. Shaw T. Gorman Walk
Mark Freeman replaces Tom Gorman pitching and batting 9th; Earl Torgeson pinch hits for Sammy Esposito (3B) batting 1st
t7 0 123 R 1% 99% 10-6 CHW E. Torgeson T. Gorman Walk; Callison Scores; Aparicio to 3B; Shaw to 2B
t7 0 123 R 1% 99% 11-6 CHW N. Fox M. Freeman Walk; Aparicio Scores; Shaw to 3B; Torgeson to 2B
t7 0 123 O -0% 99% 12-6 CHW J. Landis M. Freeman Groundout: P-C/Forceout at Hm; Torgeson to 3B; Fox to 2B
t7 1 123 R 0% 100% 12-6 CHW S. Lollar M. Freeman Walk; Torgeson Scores/unER; Fox to 3B; Landis to 2B
George Brunet replaces Mark Freeman pitching and batting 9th
t7 1 123 R 0% 100% 13-6 CHW R. Boone G. Brunet Walk; Fox Scores/unER; Landis to 3B; Lollar to 2B
t7 1 123 R 0% 100% 14-6 CHW A. Smith G. Brunet Walk; Landis Scores/unER; Lollar to 3B; Boone to 2B
t7 1 123 R 0% 100% 15-6 CHW J. Callison G. Brunet Hit By Pitch; Lollar Scores/unER; Boone to 3B; Smith to 2B
Lou Skizas pinch runs for Johnny Callison (LF) batting 7th
t7 1 123 R 0% 100% 16-6 CHW L. Aparicio G. Brunet Walk; Boone Scores/unER; Smith to 3B; Skizas to 2B
t7 1 123 O 0% 100% 17-6 CHW B. Shaw G. Brunet Strikeout
Bubba Phillips pinch hits for Earl Torgeson batting 1st
t7 2 123 R 0% 100% 17-6 CHW B. Phillips G. Brunet Walk; Smith Scores/unER; Skizas to 3B; Aparicio to 2B
t7 2 123 R 0% 100% 18-6 CHW N. Fox G. Brunet Walk; Skizas Scores/unER; Aparicio to 3B; Phillips to 2B
t7 2 123 O 0% 100% 19-6 CHW J. Landis G. Brunet Groundout: P-1B
11 runs, 1 hit, 3 errors, 3 LOB. White Sox 19, Athletics 6.

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5 Responses to “11 Runs on 1 Hit With 3 Runners Left On Base”

  1. This one is a legend among White Sox fans who like to invoke the memory of the Hitless Wonders.

    In what must surely be an unapproachable all-time record, 12 consecutive batters came to bat with the bases loaded.

  2. Wow. "T Gorman faced 5 batters in the 7th inning" yet somehow he gives up six runs! :-)

    The same thing is in the retrosheet source... though they add a little more info: "TORGESON BATTED FOR
    ESPOSITO; FREEMAN REPLACED GORMAN (PITCHING); Torgeson walked (walk was charged to Gorman) [Callison scored, Aparicio to third, Shaw to second];"

    Looks like Gorman was pulled in the middle of the plate appearance which explains the discrepancy between the "X faced Y batters in the Zth inning" statement and his BFP.

  3. If my books are correct, the all-time record for walks in an inning is 11, by the Yankees, against the Senators, on 11 September 1949, in the 3rd inning of the 1st game. The Yankees scored 12 runs that inning, and won the game 20-5.

  4. what is the most amount of errors in an inning?

  5. According to the 2008 Sporting News record book, the since-1900 record for errors in one inning is 7, by the Indians, against the White Sox, on 20 September 1905, in the 8th inning. The NL since-1900 record is 6, by the Pirates, against the Giants, in the 1st inning of the 1st game of a doubleheader, on 20 August 1903.