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Tom Glavine’s Worst Starts Ever

Posted by Chris J. on September 30, 2007

Today, with the season on the line, Tom Glavine was utterly dreadful.  He had a game score of 11.  It was not, however, the worst start of his life.   Going by game score, it was tied for 7th worst.  (The start ain't up there yet, but tommorrow Sean Forman will include today's result and you can see for yourself, if you have a PI subscription).

He only got one out, making it the second shortest start of his life.  This was the only time he recorded no outs.  In every other start he had at least 2 outs before getting yanked.

6 Responses to “Tom Glavine’s Worst Starts Ever”

  1. Andy Says:

    That Mets game was crazy. Glavine pitching so poorly was shocking, and certainly not what the Mets or their fans deserved. They were a good team this year, but especially because of losing the last game in such dramatic fashion, that's what they'll be remembered for this season. Dontrelle Willis was, typically of his 2007, very poor also, and frankly the Marlins (and Phillies) are lucky that the Mets didn't tie the game up in the first few innings.

  2. vonhayes Says:

    Shockingly bad. Second worst collapse of wild card era. And Glavine's big inning cost Wright the MVP.

  3. vonhayes Says:

    Not really, but the Mets were terrible in the last month, and especially the last two weeks, despite a D-Wright batting line of .370/.449/.630 over the last 30 games, and .426/.471./.541 over the past 2 weeks.

  4. cchien Says:

    Besides the game he pitched tomorrow, he has 4 additional starts with only pitching less than one inning:

    I'm wondering what happened in the game in 2003-07-29. He just pitched one inning with 2 hits but 0 ER. It's supposed that he was hurt. However, from his gamelog, his next start was 2003-08-08. Gamelog doesn't show any information about his early leave of that game. Does anyone still remember??

  5. Andy Says:

    says right here:

    Glavine left that game on 7/29/2003 due to a strained rib cage, which also explains why his following start was a few days late.

  6. savoyspecial Says:

    I think that's the first time I've seen a negative pitcher game score. Three of Glavine's worst 8 starts ever occured in 2007. Sunday was a very anticlimatic game for a team that will end up being defined by what happened in 10% of its season. Sad.