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B-R User Survey

Posted by Sean Forman on November 3, 2009

B-R User Survey

Most all of the good ideas on have come from user suggestions or comments. It's been awhile since we ran a survey to get user feedback on what you think of the site and what things you would like to see added. So I would like to take this time to ask you for your feedback. The survey should take 5-10 minutes, and you should feel free to leave anything you want blank.

Users with a sponsorship account will get a $2 bonus upon the completion of a survey.

2 Responses to “B-R User Survey”

  1. B-Ref’s user survery | River Avenue Blues Says:

    [...] like that exists only because of Sean Forman’s passion for the game. Take a second to fill out this survey to give the gang some feedback. It took me five minutes, tops. Posted on Sunday, November 8th, [...]

  2. Eric Enders Says:

    I already submitted my survey and it won't let me submit another one, but there's one extremely important thing I forgot to mention: Those reprehensible Chili's ads. They are web trickery of the lowest form and it disappoints me that BB-Ref found it necessary to stoop so low as to accept them. When using the various headings at the tops of BB-Ref pages, it's very difficult to avoid accidentally rolling over the ad and starting some inane Hollywood gossip video. No reputable site should spout loud, unsolicited, and unwanted garbage in my face without me so much as clicking the mouse.

    Even worse is that when you have several tabs or windows open at once, it's not even apparent at first where all the annoying noise is coming from. It took me several days to figure out that it was BB-Ref, of all sites, that had hijacked my computer against my will.

    Although I LOVE Baseball-Reference, am a longtime financial supporter of it, and use it on an everyday basis, those ads are off-putting enough that they would make me seriously consider abandoning the site. I would gladly pay a subscription fee (or, rather, increase the subscription fee I already pay) in order to make them go away.